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Why did Business men and republicans oppose the new deal?

* Too many pointless job (I.e. Pigeon scarring)
* Government behaving like Socialists (Too much control)
* Too many codes and regulations
* People were becoming lazy and not being rugged individualists.
* High taxes discouraged rich from working hard
* New deal agencies like TVA crushed small businesses/enterprises.


Why did Huey long oppose the New Deal?

Long wanted a "share our wealth scheme" which reduced personnel fortunes to US$3ml


Why did Dr Francis Townsend oppose the New Deal?

Townsend wanted $200 pensions per months as long as money had to be spent to stimulate the Economy


Why did Father Coughlin oppose the New Deal?

Coughlin used a radio broadcast to attack FDR setting up his National Union for Social Justice.


Why did the Supreme Court oppose the New Deal?

* Most powerful opponent
* Closed down AAA, NRA & PWA due to they were undermining laws
* FDR outraged that court threatened to add 6 more judges who wouln't support him


How many homes had radios in 1939?

28 million


Why were movies so popular? And what did it lead to the creation of?

It distracted the population from the depression and it lead to the creation of "Nickle-Odean's" which you could see a movie for a Nickle in an Odean Cinema)