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What is 'NHS continuing healthcare'?

  • Free social care
  • Arranged and funded solely by the NHS
  • For people with long-term complex health needs


Where can NHS continuing healthcare be provided?

Variety of settings outside hospital eg. own home, care home


Who is eligible for NHS continuing healthcare?

  • Adults
  • Dependent on needs rather than a particular diagnosis/condition
  • Assessed by a MDT
    • With involvement of the individual and their family/carers


How long does it usually take to determine eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare?

Discuss the outcomes of this decision

Within 28 days of initial assessment or request for a full assessment

If not eligible for NHS CHC:

  • Referral to local council for potential support
  • Partial NHS support via 'joint package' of care


Outline the differences between the 'initial assessment' and 'full assessment' for NHS continuing healthcare

  • Initial assessment:
    • Checklist to determine if proceed to full assessment
    • Completed by any healthcare professional or social worker
  • Full assessment:
    • Discussion and prioritisation of needs
    • MDT of 2+ professionals from different healthcare professions


Outline what is meant by a fast-track assessment for NHS continuing healthcare

  • Rapid assessment for a care and support package: usually within 48h
  • For individuals with a rapidly deteriorating condition
    • May be entering a terminal phase
  • Requires individuals to fulfil Fast Track criteria


When are NHS continuing healthcare reviews undertaken?

Reviews adjust NHS continuing healthcare to eligibility and evolving needs

  • Within three months of commencing NHS continuing healthcare
  • At least annually thereafter