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What can be said about Alicia's character when in association to a sort of fairy tale story?

- Sleeps in a hospital called El Bosque ("The Forest")
- Many similarities are drawn to her and sleeping beauty
-Fairy tale ending with a relationship with Marco, despite her going through all odds in her survival


What can be said about the genders of the character, and their 'switching of roles'?

-Alicia is the only character that does not switch gender qualities or have any masculine traits
-Lydia is a bullfighter (traditionally masculine) as we can infer by the chat show host 'People say a lot of bullfighters won't fight with you because you are a woman.' However Lydia does have feminine traits too such as phobia of snakes that we do not expect from such a strong character.
-Marco cries often which is not particularly masculine, however the Mise-en-scene of his apartment supports masculine qualities
-Benigno acts as a motherly and caring figure throughout.