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Who is Marsha Kinder?

- An American film scholar.


How is Talk to Her different than the other film's in Almodovar's trilogy?

- Unlike the Flower of My Secret and All About My Mother, Talk to Her tackles resuscitation and reawakening'
- Resuscitation means to revive


What can be said about Talk to Her and reawakening?

-'Only the dancer is bought back to life, through acts of love, verbal and physical that reawaken her body as a motherland'
-With this quote Marsha is referring to Alicia who is ultimately reawakened by Benigno's sacrificial act. With the use of 'motherland', I believe that Marsha is referring to Spain and it's reawakening, post Franco, which draws similarities to Alicia's awakening, post comma.


What can be said about Talk to Her and a fairy tale?

-'The romance of Benigno and Alicia combines the fairy tale of sleeping beauty with the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet'.
- Talk about how Almodovar sets up a unconventional romance between comatose Alicia, and infatuated Benigno.
- Culminates in a fairy tale romance between Marco and Alicia, who survives ultimately against all odds.