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What year and month was this piece of critical analysis written by Sight and Sound?

- July
- 2002


What did Sight and Sound quote on Almodovar and how couples are portrayed within his films, and what examples from the film can be used to illustrate this? And how does this link to the theme of communication?

- 'Almodovar's films have always treated the theme of 'the impossibility of the couple'.
-Alicia is comatose, yet Bengino treats her as though she is his consenting girlfriend. Bengino often 'talks' to Alicia and reacts during a conversation as though she made verbal contact.
-Marco's relationship with Lydia is flawed and impossible largely through lack of communication. Marco does not 'talk' to Lydia and therefore is left heartbroken by a Lydia so desperate that she leads him on; despite her love of fellow bullfighter El Nino.
-Sight and Sound also states that Talk to Her is also 'a film on lack of communication between couples'. Which I believe largely intertwines with the theme of impossible love.


What can be said about the emotion and style of Talk to Her, as stated by Pedro Almodovar?

-Almodovar claimed that he was aiming for: 'Intensity of emotion combined with transparency of style'
-Almodovar's cinematic style can be seen as somewhat transparent, as an Auteur Almodovar clearly wanted to make Talk to Her in a similar style to his previous productions. This can be recognisable with the film drawing parallels to different films in the 'brain dead trilogy' - such as on stage performances, and tragic car crashes that happened on rainy days, like in All About My Mother (rain is a melodramtic feature, and is seen as a pathetic fallacy).
-However, I would argue that Talk to Her does not provide a real intense impact upon the spectator. Lydia's loss is hardly felt by Marco; Benigno's death is considered in more depth.