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List two significant events that occurred in the history of nuclear weapons.

Cuban Missile Crisis, Berlin Airlift, Hiroshima


Define nuclear deterrence.

The prevention from action by fear of consequences. Deterrence is a state of mind brought about by the existence of a credible threat of unacceptable counteraction.


Deterrence = _________x_________x__________

Capability x Will x Perception


What is the role of nuclear weapons in deterrence?

The primary purpose of maintaining the US nuclear arsenal is to discourage an enemy from pursuing, procuring, and employing nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction for fear of reprisals. Maintaining this capability is an essential factor in deterrence.


List three ways an NCO supports deterrence and impacts national security strategy.

-practice OPSEC - augment SFS if needed
-participate in nuclear surety inspections and exercises
-support the administrative/medical needs of those who work with nuclear weapons.
-Discipline substandard performance
-Promote the importance of deterrence
-Supervise subordinate performance


An effort by members to detect, secure, and dispose of weapons of mass destruction.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, NPT


A nation that has nuclear weapons and the capability for their employment.

Nuclear Weapon State, NWS


Material, personnel, and procedures that contribute to the security, safety, and reliability of nuclear weapons and to the assurance that there will be no nuclear weapon accidents, incidents, unauthorized weapon detonations, or degradation in performance at the target.

Nuclear surety


The rapid increase of nuclear weapons and nuclear material, technology, and information to nations that aren't recognized by NWS.

Nuclear proliferation


Name the key components of nuclear surety.

Security, Safety, and Reliability


Individual reliability encompasses two processes, name them.

Personal Reliability Program and 2-person concept.


___________ ensures that those persons whose behavior demonstrates integrity, reliability, and are trustworthy to the United States shall be allowed to perform duties associated with nuclear weapons.

Personal Reliability Program


___________ requires the presence at all times that two PRP individuals perform tasks and duties associated with the nuclear weapon

2-person concept


Define accountability.

refers to the obligation imposed by law, lawful order, or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping accurate record of property, documents, or funds.


What was the purpose of creating the AF Global Strike Command in 2009?

-Execute nuclear weapons with precision when called upon by our Nation
-Ensure oversight of the nuclear mission of the USAF
-Restore our country's and our allies' faith in our ability to safeguard nuclear assets


The components of the new triad include:

SLBMs, ICBMs, C2, and Bombers


Is warhead reliability a component of the new triad's non-nuclear and nuclear strike capability?

No, but SLBMs, active and passive defenses, and responsive infrastructure are.


The Chairman of the JCS has the authority to order the use of nuclear weapons.



List current regional nuclear security issues that are of concern to the US.

Iran's nuclear weapons program; increased tension between India and Pakistan, both have conducted nuke tests and developed sophisticated delivery systems; North Korea's development and test of nuclear weapons and the threat of using these weapons against the US or its allies.


Name ways the US can prepare to defend itself and its allies against the threats of nuclear proliferation.

Continue to conduct research and develop technology, military training (CBRNE), invent new nuclear weapons, and continue to collect credible intelligence.


Name incidents that led to the USAF reemphasizing the nuclear enterprise.

The unauthorized movement of nuclear weapons and the misshipment of sensitive missile components.


What was a lesson learned as a result of the misshipment of sensitive missile components in March 2008?

A violation of process discipline, which requires following standard operating procedures to accomplish routine missions.


How do lessons learned from the unauthorized movement of nuclear weapons and misshipment of sensitive missile component relate to an NCO's responsibilities?

NCO's primary responsibility is mission accomplishment. These incidents have shown that when supervisors stop valuing the mission everything breaks down and mission readiness fails. NCOs must know and enforce nuclear regulations and lead by positive example.


Heavily secured areas inside the perimeter of a base commonly referred to as igloos

Weapons Storage Areas


Deep underground structure of reinforced concrete and steel in a blast and pressure protected hardened capsule

Launch Control Center


The AF Global Strike Command operates two new commands that encompass two numbered AFs: ____ AF, which is responsible for all nuclear capable ______; and the _____ AF, which is responsible for all ______.

8th, bombers and 20th, ICBMs


Describe Prime Nuclear Airlift Force

-Provides peacetime support of logistical airlift for nuclear weapons
-consists of specially trained C-130 and C-17 aircrews and support personnel