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How do high levels of background radiation be harmful?

As it ionises substances it passes through


How much do nuclear power contributes to background radiation?

Very little 


What is the major source of background radiation in air?

Radon gas


Where is radon gas found?

Seeps through the ground from radioactive substances in rocks deep ungeround


How is radon gas a health hazard if breathed?

Emit alpha particles 


Examples sources of background radiation?

Cosmic rays from outer space

food and drink

nuclear weapon testings

medical applications such as X-ray


What do used fuel rods from nuclear power stations contain?

Lots of radioactive isotopes with long half-lives


What happens after unused uranium and plutonium has been removed for future use?

Rods must be stored in secure conditions for many years until radiation levels are safe


Example of nuclear fissions not acting safely?

Chernobyl in 1986

None of the reactors of that type aren't used now

designing safe nuclear power station


What depends on the effects of radiation time?

Types of radiation dose

exposure time

whether source is inside or outside of the body


What happens to risk of cancer the higher the dose of radiation?

Higher risk of cancer