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Where is radioactive tracers used?

Measure the flow of substance through an organ


How is radioactive tracers used?

Patient is injected/drinks a radioactive 

isotope that emits gamma radiation



How is movement of radioactive isotope through the organ monitored?


Using gamma dector placed outside of the body


What do gamma camera do?

Picture of internal organs


How do you use gamma cameras?

Patient injected with a radioactive isotope

and emits gamma radiation



What happens to the radioactive isotope emits gamma radiation to paitent?

(gamma camera)

Isotope abosrbed and organ and gamma camera outside of the body

conntected to computer to dectect radiation and produce image


What happens to half life by using radioactive tracers and gamma cameras?

Half -life of radioactive isotope used must be long enough to give useful image of organ but must decay

shortly after image is taken


What can a narrow beam of gamma radiation be used?

Destroy cancerous tumour 

gamma radiation because penetrate deeply in body 


How is radioactive implants in form of small seeds/rods are used?

Place into cancerous tumours 


What does radioactive implants contain?

Beta/gamma emitting isotopes


How is isotopes in radioactive implants used?

Isotope must have half-life enough to complete imagining or treatment

short enough to avoid exposing the patient to unnecessary radiation