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The American college of sports medicine's physical activity recommendations for most adults consists of how much moderate aerobic exercise?

- 30 min 5 times a week


The American College of Sports Medicine recommends adults get how much vigorous exercise to remain healthy?

- 20 min about 3 days a week- assuming aerobic activity


The American College of Sports Medicine recommends adults do what type of exercise to maintain muscle strength?

1. 8-10 exercises with 8-12 reps to fatigue muscles
2. 2-3 min rest between sets
3. 48-72 hour rest of muscle groups


What are the 5 main health benefits of exercise?

1. Weight loss (fat burning)
2. Muscle and heart receive more blood
3. Cellular energy metabolism is greatly increased
4. Reduces markers of inflammation
5. Reduces chance of disease development


How should an out of shape individual begin a workout regiment?

1. Start small, 15 min/day to reduce chance of injury
2. Increase workout intensity by 10% each week, if no injury or pain is present.


What is the current recommended amount of fruits and vegetables adults should consume a day?

9 servings= 4.5 cups a day


How much Fruit and vegetables should a child be consuming a day

5 handfuls of the child's hand.


What is the benefit of having a high fruit/vegetable diet?

Will help improve immune function while also preventing DNA damage and leading to reduced aging process


What feature about fruits and vegetables makes it helpful in reducing aging process?

1. Both are antioxidants which remove ROS from our bodies and mitochondria.

2. Therefore will help reduce likelihood of disease in areas of high mitochondrial activity like brain.


Watching what you eat has a major impact on your health. Controlling what substances will help to improve overall health?

1. Sugar intake

2. Trans-fat intake

3. Corn, sunflower, cottonseed

4. fish and canola oil


What should you do with sugar intake to improve overall health?

Reduce intake, to prevent the supression of immune system as well as DMII


What is the benefit of reducing trans-fat consumption?

1. Reduces inflammation that could lead to cardiovascular disease


What is the benefit of not consuming Corn, sunflowers, and cottonseed?

These products all increase inflammation. Therefore not consuming should reduce the inflammatory process.


What should be done to improve health concerning fish and canola oil?

1. Increase the intake

2. Evidence points to assisting immune system and reducing exercise induced bronchoconstriction.


What are the cups of water per day to consume for the following age rages:1-8y/o9-18y/o19+

1-8y/o=4-5 cups

9-18y/o=7-11 cups

19+y/o= 9-13 cups


Dehydration due to poor consumption of water throughout the day is most likely to lead to what kind of symptoms?

1. Nausea

2. HA

3. Constipation

4. Toxin accumulation

5. Heat exhaustion--> heat stroke.


What are the "recommended" hours of sleep a person should receive every night?

1. Adults 7-8 hours

2. Children 10-12 hours


What are the negative effects of chronic sleep loss or deprivation?

1. Chronic deprivation leads to early death

2. Increased inflammatory markers (IL6)

3. Increased cortisol levels.


What are the best methods that can improve a person's sleep?

1. Normal sleep routine

2. Cool, dark, quiet room

3. Calcium magnesium liquid solution


What is the recommended amount of magnesium both men and women should have in their systems on a given day?

1. Men require 420mg/day

2. Women require 320mg/day


Probiotics, contained in yogurt, have an important role in our bodies... What is it?

1. Increase nutrient absorption in blood and intestines

2. Act as protective barrier against pathogens


What compounds will have no ergonomic effect on an athletes performance?

1. Vit C

2. Protein supplements

3. Chromium



What is the role of an ergonomic compound?

Minimize physical effort and discomfort allowing for maximized muscle efficiency.


What are ergonomic products that are used to improve an athletes performance?

1. Caffeine

2. Creatine

3. Ephedrine

4. Androstenedione (andro)

5. Anabolic steroids

6. Human growth hormone.
7. Erythropoietin


How is caffeine considered an ergonomic product?

1. Increases time until exhaustion is reached

2. Minimal effects seen in non-athletic individuals


How is creatine used to provide and ergonomic effect for athletes?

1. Provides more ATP consumption from phosphocreatine in rapid muscle movement

2. Only immediate energy source


How is ephedrine used to provide and ergonomic effect for athletes?

Normally combined with caffeine to increase speed and reduce effort. Induces thermogenesis and increased risk for heat stroke.


How is androstenedione used to provide and ergonomic effect for athletes?

1. Precursor for testosterone and progesterone

2. Leads to elevated testosterone to improve muscle mass


How is anabolic steroids used to provide and ergonomic effect for athletes?

1. Rapidly alter protein function to increase protein synthesis, and preventing muscle breakdown.



How is human growth hormone used to provide and ergonomic effect for athletes?

1. What's it sound like it does...

2. Increase protein synthesis and lipolysis producing lean muscle mass gain


How is erythropoietin used to provide and ergonomic effect for athletes?

1. Increase RBC production

2. Leads to increased oxygen delivery to tissues and more energy to muscles

3. Causes hyper viscosity--> increased cardiac stress--> MI possibly death.