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Key symptoms to ask about

Bleeding vaginal, Urinary symptoms, Systemic symptoms, Headaches and vision, Pain, Nausea


History of current pregnancy Qs

4 P's of Pregnant Mother + MEDIc - Pain, Parity?, Planned?, LMP? + Medications?, EDD?, Delivery method?, Illnesses during preg?

Fetus - Scans - placenta + weight? Fetal Movements?


Previous Obs History

Graviditiy + Parity

Details of each pregnancy - Weight, length, health, delivery method

Complications - Antenatal - hyperemesis, pre-eclampsia, IUGR
Labour - Failure to progress, shoulder dystocia, tears
Postnatal - PPH, RPOC


Gynae history?

GCSS - Gyne diseases? Contraceptives? Smear? Surgery?


Rest of history?

PMH, Meds + allergies, Surgical hx, Social hx, FHx,