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If a child sets a fire and is over the age of ___ they should be referred to the Youth Firesetting Intervention Program.

Over the age of 10


Do you need to call the investigator if the child is under the age of 10 and property loss is not significant?

No, but the Youth fire setting intervention program worksheet still needs to be filled out.


When a fire investigator is onscene or responding, companies shall delay _________ ____________ until the investigator has time to survey the area.

Nonessential overhaul


What will be the two primary concerns once Life Safety is secured and fire control is achieved?

1. Protection of the fire scene
2. Preservation of physical evidence


Investigator needs to be notified when there is potential for scene contamination due to:

Fuel power tools or equipment used on scene


A company officer shall report problems to the prevention division via the fire marshal's office whenever there is a known problem of a building. What are they?

Known problems relating to the function of the building fire extinguishing/ detection systems and equipment.


Command or the investigator may do what two things to secure the scene until proper origin and cause investigation can be conducted?

Post a firefighter
Use barrier tape


If it is urgent and the homeowner needs something from inside the fire scene, fire personnel need to clear that with whom?

The fire investigator. All items need to be documented.


Under certain circumstances, fire investigators may require that a document be kept to track personnel entering the fire scene, what is this document called?

Fire scene entry log


Evidence cannot be used in court unless the investigator can establish a chain of custody involving three things?

1. Who found the evidence
2. Where it was found
3. it was not tampered with


Fire reports are subject to review by what four parties?

1. Insurance companies
2. Private fire investigators
3. Police officers
4. District attorney's Office


For all fire reports it is good practice to write a small narrative in what section?

Comments section

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