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Districts and wards of Olifants River Region?

District Ward
Lutzville Valley • Koekenaap
Citrusdal Mountain Piekenierskloof
Citrusdal Valley none
no district • Spruitdrift
no district • Vredendal
no district • Bamboes Bay


The Olifants River Region includes three districts—__,___, And ___

Citrusdal Mountain, Citrusdal Valley, and Lutzville Valley


Where is Olifants located?

North of swartland


Grapes of Olifants?

Colombard and Chenin Blanc are chiefly purposed for bulk wines


What is South Africas larger co-op that is located here?

South Africa’s largest co-operative winery, Vredendal


Highest elevation vineyard in SA?

South Africa’s highest elevation vineyards are located in Cederberg, an unincorporated ward located to the east of the Olifants River Region.


___ districts and __ stand-alone wards were grouped into the new Cape South Coast Region in 2010.

6 districts, 3 wards


Where do Cape South Coast regions districts lay?

Three of these districts—Overberg, Walker Bay, and Cape Agulhas—line the southwestern Atlantic Coast of South Africa. A fourth, Plettenberg Bay, lies over 250 miles to the east, along the southern coast of Africa. The fifth district, Swellendam, borders Overberg to the east, near the Breede River Valley.


What are Overbergs 5 wards?

Overberg, one of South Africa’s most promising new districts, is divided into four wards: Klein River, Theewater, Elandskloof and Greyton.


What former Overberg ward got its District status in 2012?

A fifth ward, Elgin, received district status in early 2012.


Grapes on Cape South Coast?

Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and even Riesling are showing good results in the cooler maritime climate of both districts.


What is Riesling called in SA?

(renamed Weisser Riesling to distinguish the grape from Cape Riesling)


Walker bay district - cultivars, winery

The Walker Bay district, a whale-watchers’ delight, surrounds the coastal town of Hermanus and is showing early success with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
Hamilton Russell Winery, Burgundy grapes & Pinotage.


Walker Bay wards

• Hemel-en-Aarde Valley
• Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley
• Sunday's Glen
• Bot River
• Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge
• Stanford Foothills


Where is Cape Agulhas and what are its cultivars? Ward?

Cape Agulhas sits on the southernmost point of the continent, with vineyards concentrated in the (only) ward of Elim. The new district’s cool climate is provoking excitement for the region’s Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Shiraz.


What 3 wards have no district

no district • Herbertsdale
no district • Napier
no district • Stilbaai East


Plettenberg Bay - wards?



Swellendam wards

• Buffeljags
• Stormsvlei
• Malgas