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What is a backup team?

A stand by team strategically placed to assist the entry team in the event of an emergency. This team must wear the same level of PPE as the entry team and is mandatory in order to comply with federal regulations. They must be in the standby mode and ready whenever the entry team is operating in the hot zone.


What is a city environmental contractor?

The environmental response company, under contract with the city of Philadelphia, who will properly clean up, remove, and dispose of hazardous materials, activated under certain circumstances. When the responsible party is unidentified, uncooperative, cannot be located, etc.


What is contamination?

Contamination occurs when a toxic or otherwise hazardous material (contaminant) comes in contact with and remains on a person, place or thing.


What is cost recovery?

PA act 165, section 210 of the hazmat emergency planning and response act. States that a person who causes a release of a hazmat shall be held liable for the response costs incurred by the fire department.


What is decontamination?

This is the process of removing or neutralizing contaminants from a person, place or thing. The amount of decontamination required, at the scene of a hazmat incident, depends upon the health hazards associated with the materials involved. There are three basic types: emergency decontamination, technical decontamination and mass decontamination.


Who is the decontamination team leader?

A designated member of the hazmat task force and they are responsible for managing all aspects of technical decontamination.


What is emergency decontamination?

The emphasis is speed. Contaminants are quickly removed from civilians and/or members who were exposed and presumed contaminated by hazmats. This is usually accomplished by having the victims remove their outer clothing and applying large volumes of water (fog patterns).


What is the emergency guidebook?

This is a reference book to guide emergency responders in their initial actions at the incident scene. This book is carried on all apparatus.


What is an emergency response plan?

This is a response plan required by PEMA and OSHA, to facilitate handling of anticipated emergencies prior to the commencement of the emergency response operation.


What is entry/exit monitor?

A designated member of the hazmat task force, usually battalion 1's aide, who is responsible for monitoring the duration of members working in the hot zone.


What is an entry team?

This team consists of "certified hazmat technicians" that will enter the hot zone to accomplish the tactical objectives. This includes reconnaissance, monitoring, sampling, mitigation, etc.


What is an exposure?

Exposure occurs when a person is subjected to a toxic or otherwise hazardous material and it contacts or enters the body through any route of entry. An exposed individual is not contaminated unless that material remains on his/her clothing, skin, hair, etc.


What is a hazardous material?

Any material which, when released from its container, poses a threat to the health, safety or welfare of human beings and/or the environment.


What is the hazardous materials administrative unit (HMAU)?

This staff unit is responsible for all hazardous materials issues that affect the PFD and the citizens of Philadelphia. A designate of this unit will assume the duties of hazmat liaison officer when required.


Who makes up hazmat 1? HMTF-1?

Hazmat 1 consists of specially trained and equipped personnel from engine 60 and ladder 19.
HMTF-1 = E.60, L.19, & Bn.1

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