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Who will staff a marine unit at all times?

1- Pilot
1- Engineer


Can an acting pilot and an acting engineer work together?

Only 1 position can be an acting person. Under unusual circumstances two will be allowed, must be approved by the division chief.


Who ensures the marine unit is ready to get underway when a run comes in?

The pilot and engineer.
They can respond once a land based company gets to the marine unit.


Who will be assigned to the marine unit for ALL responses and training evolutions?

A fire officer.


Who will ensure that there is at least TWO marine trained personel?

The fire officer. If not the officer will contact FCC immediately. Another land based company will be dispatched.


How man marine unit trained first responder companies will be dispatched and how will they respond?

One. Respond at emergency speed and board immediately.
Exception- for mid-river or out of city responses, a 2nd FRC and a battalion chief will be dispatched. Only the BCA will not board.


Will FCC dispatch an ALS unit to the marine unit?

Yes. If deemed appropriate. Both members will board with appropriate equipment.


What happens if the ALS unit cannot be on location within 10 minutes?

The marine unit can respond with the FRC only ( FCC will notify the FRC of this). If ALS is later needed on the marine unit, arrangements can be made with Police or USCG.


Who will arrange to provide the necessary personnel when the marine unit is needed for display or fireground detail?

The respective BC. The will keep in mind the opportunity for acting pilots and engineers.


Can the marine unit be placed underway without a land based company?



Is sitting watch required at marine unit stations?

No. FCC will contact via the fire phone with necessary info including land based company enroute. The pilot will inform FCC they are boarding the boat and will operate on radio.


What must the pilot and engineer do if they leave the station to board the boat, other than for responses.

Pilot will inform FCC Supervisor that they have secured the station and are operating on radio.


FCC will dispatch the land based company to the marine unit first, then transmit the alarm. True or false?

True. FCC will not use the first due engine or ladder in these situations.


Will the communications centers for the PPD, USCG, & PFD all be informed of river related emergencies as via 911 or directly to USCG?

Yes. And each agency should be informed of the intended response of the other agencies. FCC will notify the marine unit and the BC of other agency response.


Who is responsible on board the marine unit during all river related emergencies to maintain and act as communications liaison between PFD, PPMU, & USCG?

The fire officer.


What radio channels will be used on the marine unit?

Channels 6 or 22 - to contact USCG and establish communications.

Channels 13, 16 and USCG channel 81- monitor channels, NO ROUTINE FIREGROUND COMMUNICATIONS!


At the marine unit who is responsible for all the administration duties?

The pilot.


Who will be notified for required repairs to the marine unit?

D.A.S. when repairs can not be completed, the pilot will inform the apparatus officer who will monitor all incomplete shop repair orders and act as liaison with D.A.S.


The pilot will notify the apparatus officer upon completion of repairs and maintain records as per Directive #38, true or false?

True. The pilot will contact the BC and/or apparatus officer to make them aware of conditions that will impact on the operations of the marine unit.


Who will coordinate training of land based units and personnel to ensure familiarization with equipment and operations AND When will training be conducted?

The appropriate BC. Training will be held on Saturday, Sunday and/or holidays.


Should companies scheduled for marine unit training have out of station detailed members?

No. Except if they are from other stations that require marine unit training.


Are VBI's for water front properties forwarded to both marine units?



When coordinating familiarization tours of water front facilities, will marine units be included?



Who is in command of the marine unit and responsible to notify FCC when the land based personnel are aboard and the marine unit is underway?

The ranking fire officer.


Who completes marine fire reports?

The officer of the first assigned land based company of each marine unit. A copy will be forwarded to the marine unit for administrative purposes.


Who is responsible to ensure that any additional equipment required is brought aboard?

The ranking fire officer.


Members of land based companies will take boots and shoes when responding on marine units, true it false?

True. Leather soles shoes should not be worn.


Are approved flotation devices required to be worn at all times by all members operating on the marine unit?



Will full bunker gear be brought onboard the marine unit?

Yes. The wearing of running gear will depend on the type of emergency service provided.
Under no circumstances will bunker gear trousers be worn on marine unit.


What locations should be given consideration first when utilizing land side units and choosing water access or egress locations?

Marinas, municipal/commercial piers, launch service sites, floating docks, etc.


Will the whaler be launched while the marine unit is underway?

No. It will only be launched from a docked position. A portable radio must be on the whaler to maintain communications. If the whaler is launched the marine unit will follow the whaler to the incident scene.

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