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What is Ops 30?



What is the primary responsibility of the Intelligence Unit?

to support departmental operations by providing tactical and operational intelligence, necessary to develop law enforcement priorities, policies, or investigative procedures regarding specific criminal targets.


What is the mission of the intelligence unit?

to identify, disrupt and prevent organized crime, persistent offenders and terrorist activities, in our city and other areas of interest.


The principal method of collection and dissemination of intelligence is through legal means in support of __ __ Bureau and __ __Bureaus

Criminal Investigations
Neighborhood Policing


B. The Intelligence Unit shall monitor the following types of activities:

1. Terrorism, worked in conjunction with the FBI JTTF
2. Hate groups
3. Civil disorders
4. Organized vice/drug activity;
5. Street gangs;
6. Outlaw motorcycle gangs
7. Career criminal offenders; and/or
8. Other criminal activity


Any intelligence or information that is to be submitted to other law enforcement agencies, National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC) intelligence or database systems that are federally funded,
shall be submitted in accordance with ?

28 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 23


What is an "overt source"?

Information may be gathered from sources where the protection of the source is not critical.


Examples of overt sources include:

a. Police department records;
b. Records of other law enforcement or public agencies;
c. Public records and documents, news reports, newspapers, magazines;
d. Fliers and leaflets; and
e. Underground publications.


Types of Covert sources?

a. Confidential informants
b. Covert Surveillance
c. Undercover agents


What is a covert source?

Access to covert sources will be granted on a need to know basis Information may be gathered from sources where the protection of the source is critical.


Any covert surveillance, including electronic, photographic, audio/visual, or any other surveillance method or technique, shall be conducted only with the prior approval of the __ __ of __ __ Bureau Command

Assistant Chief of
Criminal Investigations


No undercover agent shall be utilized without the prior approval of the __ __ of Criminal Investigations Bureau Command

Assistant Chief


Security classifications:

SENSITIVE: Highest possible security
CONFIDENTIAL: Medium level security
RESTRICTED: Law Enforcement personnel only
UNCLASSIFIED-available to the public