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what are the 2 non religious theories about the origin of the universe

Big Bang Theory


who supports the big bang theory

Stephen Hawking


who proposed the theory of evolution and describe it

Charles Darwin
where organisms gradually change to develop into a new species by natural selection


describe the fundamentalist beliefs about the origin of the universe(2)

they believe the Bible is accurate and truthful account of creation
it happened in 6 days


describe the catholic beliefs about the origin of the universe(3)

God is omnipotent and transcendent
based in St Augustines teaching of ex nihilo and Genesis

Genesis should be read symbolically not literally

Pope John Paul II believes science and religion is compatible so the big bang and evolution are accepted as Gods plan


describe the Catholic beliefs on Genesis(3)

should be read symbolically to reveal important things on the nature of God

genesis 1shows God as omnipotent creating the world ex nihilo abs transcendent by existing in the beginning of the universe

genesis 2 shows God as omnibenevolent by creating universe out of love and highlights beliefs of stewardship, sanctity of life and imago dei


describe the Catholic beliefs about the bible (3)

bible is direct form of revolution / how god makes himself known

inspired word of God as bible writers were guided by the Holy spirit

not historically accurate and read in the contexts of its time


describe fundamentalist beliefs about Genesis(5)

Genesis is read literally
Bible is direct word from God
holy spirit dictated bible
no one should question bible
contradictions mean we don’t understand it yet