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What are competencies? What is competency management?

Competencies are personal capabilities that are demonstrated through measurable knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal attributes, which can contribute to enhanced employee performance and, ultimately, to the individual's and organization's success. In a learning management system, competency management is the system's ability to connect various competencies/skill sets, job roles, and learning events, to build employee training plans and monitor each individual's learning progress.


How does competency management help your organization to develop training plans?

Many industries must also meet federal, or other, requirements (such as government regulations) that force them to require corresponding employee certifications. Employees must meet related competencies, and execute tasks and responsibilities in ways that support the company's mandated performance. Tracking and managing the employee-certification process is critical to the success of these types of organizations.


How do you link learning events to certification requirements?

Learning events allow employees to gain competencies, and need to be defined, along with related recertification dates. It would be useless to have job roles that did not periodically require updating, as the business needs for these roles change. You may not want to specify recertification dates at first, but you will later need to identify and inform employees, who possess certain job roles, that they must meet new needs and requirements. Thinking through these tasks requires determination of business needs, so the training department must work with all other departments that require competent personnel, to gain insights into their important job roles, competencies, and learning events.