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Basic Post is earned when...

Officer is off probation (1 year)


Intermediate Post Cert. is earned when...

1) BA or BS and 2 years 2) AS and 4 years or 45 training credits and 45 educational credits 3) 30 training and educational credits and 6 years 4) 15 training and educational credits and 8 years.


Advance Post Cert. is earned when....

1) 4 years and a MA 2) 6 years and a BS 3) 9 years and a AS or 45 training and educational credits 4) 12 years and 30 training and educational credits


Officers and Agents as an acting SGT for more than 2 pay periods (28 days) will get a ___% pay increase



SGT. as acting LT for more than 2 pay periods (28 days) with get a ___% pay increase



An officer that has 5 or more years of service but less than 10 years will get a ____% pay increase



Officers with more than 10 years of service will get a ____% pay increase



How may years of credit can a lateral officer receive?

5 years of credit at the Chief's discretion


What plan will the city pay 90% of the monthly medical premium?

The 2nd most expensive plan


How many years of service must an employee work to get 50% of medical retirement

10 years (5 of the years must be with Palo Alto)


For every year after 10 years of service and employee will receive an additional ___% towards their medical



How many vacation slots are available for Officers per day?

2 during the dayshift and 2 during the night shift


When must shift exchanges occur?

Must be worked in the same 28 day FLSA cycle


Employees after 8/1/1986 shall be limited to a maximum of how many sick hours?

1000 hours with no pay off provision


True or False, Verbal reprimands and reductions in force is NOT considered discipline



The notice of disciplinary action shall include...

1) Statement of the nature of the action
2) Effective Date
3) Statement of the cause
4) Statements and Evidence
5) A statement advising their right to an appeal


When can an officer request disciplinary actions be sealed?

1) Written reprimands with no reoccurrence after 1 year.
2) Disciplinary probation after 3 years from the start of probation
3) Suspensions less than 3 days without recurrence, after 2 years
4) Suspensions more than 3 days but less than 6 without recurrence, after 3 years
5) 3) Suspensions of 6 days or more without recurrence, after 5 years


Who should the officer request their disciplinary action be sealed from

PT Coordinator


True or False, Sealing a disciplinary action can not occur when the action was related to a criminal offense with which the officer was charged.



What is Step IV in the grievance procedure for PAPOA?

Officer may appeal to an "Adjustment Board" The adjustment board shall consist of 2 person appointed by the Association and 2 persons appointed by Management.


What is Step V in the grievance procedure for PAPOA?

Officer may choose between final or binding resolution of grievance through appeal to the City Manager or through appeal to final and binding grievance arbitration.


What is the start and end date of the MOA?

Start - May 14, 2012

End - June 30, 2014


How long is the probationary period for new hires? For laterals?

1 year for new hires

1 year from date of hire for laterals


What are the nightshift hours, what is the pay premium

6pm - 8am

5% nightshift premium


How many hours of Holiday pay does an officer recieve?

90 hours, 3.46 hours a pay period


How many comp times hours can be carried from quarter to quarter?

80 Hours


New officers are compensated at what pay level?

Police Trainee level. $38.04


Academy Graduated and Lateral officers with less then two years of experience will compensated at what level?

Level - Police Officer
Step - 3


What is the pay increase for Jr. First Class exam and First Class exam?

5% for each test. May take each test after completion of FTO, however pay increase for Jr. First Class takes one year from hire date to take effect. Another one year wait for First Class to take effect.


When shall planned overtime be posted?

On or about the 20th day of the preceding month.