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How do you park and stop in urban areas?

In specific places built for this purpose or along the road, as close as possible to the right


How do you park and stop in out of urban areas?

Parallel to the road and outside the lane. If this is not possible than one the lane to the right


In parking spaces and lots, what are you not allowed to park?

-Vehicles selling any kind of material or publicity
-Any kind of coaches and buses except in specific situations prescribed by local regulations
-If you're disrespecting parking times and not paying the rate
-if you're using more than one space


The driver should not park or stop the vehicle...

-in places with poor visibility
-on roundabouts, bridges, tunnels, railways, superior and inferior driveways
- in urban areas at less than 5m on both sides of crossroads, roundabouts and junctions
-on cyclist tracks, pavements and pedestrian areas
- Less than 5m after and 25m before a passenger vehicle stop
-less than 6m before a team stop
- less than 20m before traffic lights
- on the road with an unbroken line with a distance of over 3m between the vehicle and line
-on or off the motorway and RRCM
-outside of urban areas at a distance less than 50m from crossroads, junctions, roundabouts, bends or poor visibility slopes


What is improper and abusive parking?

-any vehicle that is stationary for 30 days on public roads, parking areas or parks
-any vehicle in park when parking fees have not been paid for 5 days
-any vehicle in a paying parking area when the fees have not been paid or when the cat has been parked for more than 2 hours the legal time
-Any agricultural and industrial machines that have been stationary for 72 hours or 30 days in places reserved for that
-Any time a vehicle is stationary for more than 48 hours and looks abandoned
-in parking areas: if the vehicle is for sale or has no number plate


When can the vehicle be locked in and removed?

-when the car is improperly or abusively parked
-if the car is parked stationary along the motorway or RRCM
-if the car is parked so that it is hazardous or causes serious disturbance:

-in restricted lanes for public transport
-at busstops
-on pedestrian crossings and pedestrian only zones and pavements
-on the lane
-access ways to private property
-in a lane when parked beside another vehicle
-in restricted areas
-in any loading and unloading areas, in passenger entries and exits
-in areas that block passengers exiting -or entering their cars
in rural areas at night
-along the motorway


Where are you not allowed to park?

-when blocking traffic
-one the lane alongside another vehicle
-in front of access ways
-at a distance less than 10m at both sides of railways
-at less than 5m from petroleum stations
-in restricted parking areas
-any vehicle for sale in parking lots