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What are the four pros to the parliamentary system?

1) stability
2) responsiveness
3) accountability
4) responsible government


Why is stability a pro in parliamentary systems?

A government with a stable parliamentary majority is able to act decisively to implements its legislative program.
-background is executive is strong so PM an dCabinet have their way for 4 years


In only___elections of the 42 held since 1867 has there been a___government. Only___percent of Canadian federal elections have resulted in a___government.



Why do we want stability?

-maintains order
-allows government to get legislation passed


Does a majority government mean government was elected by the majority of the popular vote?



Why is responsiveness a pro in the parliamentary system?

PM and the governing party have an incentive to be responsive to the voters to secure re-election and, in a majority government situation have the capability to respond quickly to the views and demands of the citizenry.


Why has responsiveness become critical in minority government?

Because they are resting on support of opposition to pass legislation.


Why is accountability a pro in parliamentary systems?

BY concentrating political powers in the PM and Cabinet, parliamentary systems clarify responsibility and accountability. The PM and Cabinet are accountable to the HOC
-no "passing the buck"
-the HOC accountable to the legislative branch


Why is responsible government a pro in parliamentary systems?

The mechanism of the non-confidence vote allows for the removal of government that has lost support in parliament


What are the 3 cons to parliamentary systems?

1) court government
2) party discipline in politics
3) minority government


Why is court government a con in parl systems?

There exists the potential for excessive power in the hands of government. The possibility of "court government" is a reality.
-way to skirt accountability


Why is party discipline a con in parl systems?

By engendering disciplines national parties, they leave MPs less free to represent local interests
-whipped votes
-impairs representation


What is the flip side to party discipline?

-plays to a unified party
-*makes the task of governing and law making pretty seamless*
-ensured to get legislation through


Why is minority government a con in a parl system?

Parliamentary government can be unstable if no party is able to secure majority support in Parliament.


What are the 6 pros to presidential systems?

1) stability
2) more powerful legislative capacity
3) office of the president is substantial
4) more democratic?
5) more responsive?
6) more open?


Why is stability a pro in a presidential system?

Presidential executives are stable, owing to their fixed terms (constitutionally) and to the provision made for the auto-succession of Vice President. In contrast the parliamentary system can be potentially unstable given minority or coalition governments.


Why is more powerful legislative capacity a pro in a presidential system?

Gives the legislature a more meaningful role by allowing members of Congress to defeat or substantially amend a bill sponsored by the President.
-public spending rests with congress


Why is the fact that the office of the president is substantial a pro for presidential systems?

The capacity of a strong president can unify the nation and command political political authority
-in times of crisis, this office has allowed president to become a local point in terms of leadership


How is the presidential system more democratic?

The presidential system is sometimes viewed as more democratic than the parliamentary system as the president is elected by the people.
-the elections are more engaging than ours


How is the presidential system more responsive?

Member son Congress have greater independence than members of Parliament to represent constituents


How is the Presidential system more open?

Presidential system more open; downside is that decision makers are more susceptible to interest group influence.
-unlikely have a business man become president


What are the 3 cons to the presidential system?

1) inflexibility
2) less cohesive parties
3) invites inexperience/


How is inflexibility a con in the presidential system?

The tendency to produce deadlock between he two branches of government
-each branch can claim to have a mandate being separately elected
-veto power of president
-fragment of political authority has helped lobby groups
-produce deadlock


How is less cohesive parties a con for the presidential system?

Assigning responsibility for political decision making also compounded by loos national parties
-facilitates fragmentation


How is the fact that the presidential system invites inexperience a con?

The American presidential system often features "outsiders" being elected as president who may have very limited experience in national politics and international affairs. PM usually has extensive political experience.