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What is DAO?

Defense Attache Office


What are the roles of the Defense Attache?

1)advocate for country's military and security interests; represents country's military authorities and liaises with that of the host country. 2) provides a security-policy and military network capable of operating even in times of troubled or reduced bilateral relations. 3) acts as a military and/or security advisor to his/her ambassador and embassy staff. 5) observes conditions in the host country with a bearing on security and reports on them to home country authorities. 6) oversees and manages activities in the area of military outreach, defense diplomacy and security cooperation, both in bilateral exchanges and through multilateral programs such as NATOs Partnership for Peace. 7) promotes, in some instances, the home country armaments industry and may play a role in spearheading emergency response and relief efforts when crises arise


what does ORA stand for?

office of regional affairs


what does apacs stand for

Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System


Describe the Leahy vetting process

human rights law that prevents DOS and DOD from providing military assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights


What is defined in COMNAvSPECWARCONM letter 3302?

only a more senior officer or petty officer qualified patrol officer/boat captain on respective craft may supersede the patrol officer/boat captains authority and then only for good cause


What is the exception to COMNAVSPECWARCOM letter 3302?

an exception to this directive may be made by the operational commander that the boat detachment is assigned to for a given operation or mission. for detachments in CONUS commander NSWG 4 and commander NSWDEVGRU have this authority for their assigned craft and overseas commanding officer NSWU 1, 2, 3, 4 can assign the senior NSW officer both the. authority and accountability on their assigned craft. MUST BE IN WRITING


What is COMNAVSPECWARCOMINST 3591.1 series?

RSO instruction. NSW forces do not have to follow us Navy RSO wualification requirements because of SOF TTPs and Metals. forces from other services, agencies, and foreign militaries may participate in the evolution. ROIC has overall responsibility for training and must be E-6 or above and may participate in the evolution. RSO is responsible for overall safety and training events and may not participate in the evolution. may be E-5 or above. NSW medic may not participate in the evolution unless relieved by another medic. can be socm, hm, 18d, EMT-B, Army medic, air Force PJ. any site designated an authorized training site is considered a temporary training site. RSO and ROIC will ensure the range meets SDZ requirements to the best of their ability. They can assess and temporarily approve the range for use via the temporary training site evaluation checklist completed by the RSO and verified by the ROIC on uncertified ranges. foFOREIGN COUNTRY RANGES: RSO and ROIC to the best of their ability will make every effort to ensure the range conforms to SDZ requirements, NSW ORM risk mitigation and safety procedures. They can assess the range and temporarily approve the range for use using an uncertified oconus naw range certification form.


What are the major commands in NSW and who falls under them?

NSWG1: SEAL Teams 1,3,5,7, LOGSU 1. NSWG 2: seal Teams 2,4,8,10 logsu 2. NSWG-3: sdv 1. NSWG 4: SBT 12, 20, 22, dry stennis, BGS. NSWDG. NSWG 10: support activity 1, 2,. mission support center NSWG 11; SEAL Team 17, 18. CENSEALSWCC: ATC/BTC


what are the GCCs, the TSOCs, and the NSW Units and where are they located?

1. pacom: Hawaii, SOCPAC in hawaii, NSWU 1 in Guam. 2. EUCOM: Germany, SOCEUR in Germany, NSWU 2 in Germany. 3. CENTCOM: MacDill AFB FL, SoCCENT in MacDill AFB, NSWU 3 in BAHRAIN. 4. AFRICOM: Germany, SOCAF in Germany, NSWU 10 in. Germany. 5. NORTHCOM: Petersen AFB, Colorado. . 6. SOUTHCOM: Miami, FL, SOCSOUTH in Homestead, AFB FL, NSWU 4 in little Creek VA


what is joint special operations?

US special operations working together


what is combined special operations

us special operations working with partner nation


what is a CJSOTF?

combined joint special operations task force


What does SORM stand for

standard operation readiness manual


what are the troop leading procedures?

1) receive the mission 2) issue a warning order 3) make a tentative plan 4) start necessary movement 5) reconnoiter 6) complete the plan 7) issue the complete order 8) supervise


what are the seven steps of the joint operation planning process?

1) initiation 2) mission analysis 3) COA development 4) COA analysis and war gaming 5) COA comparison 6) COA approval 7) plan or order development


What are the 7 steps of the military decision making process?

1) receive mission 2) mission analysis 3) COA development 4) COA analysis 5) COA comparison 6) COA approval 7) orders production


What is the time phased force and deployment data?

it is the database portion of the operations plan that contains movement data for cargo and pax


what is the theater security cooperation plan?

it is primarily a strategic planning document intended to link CINC planned engagement activities with national strategic objectives, part of the joint strategic planning system


what is a force tracking number?

it is used to track requests for forces and rotational force requirementz


who assigns an FTN



What does GFMP stand for and what is it's purpose?

global force Management program, it tracks all US forces worldwide by their FTN


what are the four elements of National Power Projection?

Diplomatic, informational, military, economic


what are the elements of the six phase doctrinal campaign plan?

shape, deter, seize, dominate, stabilize, enable civilian authority


What are the ORM severity categories

1: death or loss of mission capability. 2: permanent injury, extensive damage to equipment or significantly degraded mission capability. 3: minor injury, slight damage to equipment or degraded mission capability. 4: minimal threat to personnel, little impact on mission capability


What are the ORM probability categories?

a: likely to occur immediately. b: probably will occur in time. c: may occur in time. d: unlikely to occur


What are the SOCOM core operations?

COIN, UW, FID, SO, CT, support to major combat operations and campaigns


what are the SOCOM core activities?

SR, SFA, DA, MISO, CA, Preparation of the environment, hostage rescue and recovery, Interdiction and offensive counter weapons of mass destruction operations, SOF CS, SOF CSS


When is a casrep required?

When damage to equipment is expected to cause a loss of mission capability greater that 48 hours


How soon must a CASREP be submitted?

Within 24 hours of the incident