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Rubeola- AKA, age, pathogen, s/sx

MEASLES- ordinary measles, red measles
any age
fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, spreading skin rash, KOPLICKS SPOTS (mucosal whitedots/red)


Rubella- AKA, age, pathogen, s/sx, special considerations

MEASLES- 3 day measles,
any age
Erythematous maculpapular rash, starts on face spreads to extremities, trunk
gone in 72 hours, not ver sick


Roseola infantum- AKA, pathogen, age, s/sx

MEASLES- sixth disease
pathogen- herpesvirus 6
age is 6months-2years
s/sx URI symptoms, small pink flat to raised bumps, truck then extremities, HIGH FEVER over a week, abrupt end when rash develops


Erythema infectiosum- AKA, age, pathogen, s/sx, special considerations

MEASLES- fifth disease
5-14 years
Human parvovirus b19
s/sx: sudden onset, SLAPPED CHEEK APPEARANCE, lacy reticular exanthema, face then arms, legs, trunk and dorsum, of hands/ feet
Special consideration:
Fetal vs fatal aplastic crisis- call OB to give IgG
Not contagious after fever breaks


What is the rash called for lyme disease

erythema migrans- A flat or raised red lesion that expands over several days but has a central clearing, commonly appears in areas of tight clothing


Laboratory tests for lyme disease

Detection of antibody to B. burdorferi via ELISA screening
Western blot assay is confirmatory
B.burgdorferi may be cultured from skin aspirate
elevated ESR


What is the diagnostic criteria for Lyme disease

Exposure to tick habitat within the last 30 days WITH:
1)erythema migraines OR
2)one late manifestation and confirmatory lab


Treatment for lyme disease

Amoxicillin or cefuroxamine axetil for under age 7
Doxycycline for over age 7


Definition of the Coxsackie virus and AKA

hand-foot-mouth disease, a highly contagious viral illness resulting in ulceration and inflammation of the soft palate (herpangina) and papulovesicular exanthem on the hands and feet. Affects children under 10, revolves spontaneously in 1 week


s/sx of coxsackie virus

fever, malaise, vomiting, drooling, papulovesicular rash