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How is the ASIS and the pubic tubercle?

roughly in the same coronal plane


Where does the axis of the pelvic cavity curve?

curves between inlet and outlet.


how is the plane of the pelvis defined?

sacral promontory and pubic crest.
It is not the same as the anatomical pelvic inlet, which is defined by the linea terminalis and curves in three dimensions.


Where is the sacrum relative to the lumbar column?

strongly retroverted


What does the weight of the body forces the sacrum to do because of its position?

imposes a rotational moment on the sacrum.


What ligaments of the sacrum resist the rotational force of the sacrum?

sacroiliac ligaments
sacrospinous ligaments
sacrotuberous ligaments


What does the sacroiliac ligaments prevents?

suspend the sacrum like the span of a bridge
and prevent anterior movement of
the superior sacrum.


What does sacrospinous and sacrotuberous ligaments prevent?

prevent posterior movement of the inferior sacrum


What provides a large surface area to anchor th posterior and interosseus sacroiliac ligaments?

iliac and sacral tuberosities


What forms a continuous sheet over the lumbar and sacral regions?

interosseus sacroiliac ligaments,
posterior sacroiliac ligaments,
sacrospinous ligaments
sacrotuberous ligaments,
thoracolumbar fascia


What binds the lower lumbar to the ala of the ilia?

Iliolumbar ligaments


Which ligaments are smallest?

anterior sacroiliac ligaments
they do not have to resist the same rotational force