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What is the root of the penis attached to?

The perineal membrane, consisting of the central bulb and the lateral crus (receives the deep artery)


What does the lateral crus give rise to?

The corpus cavernosum (bound together side by side)


What are the attachments of the fibrous sheaths of the corpus cavernosum?

They are bound together and to the pubic symphysis


What does the central bulb give rise to?

The corpus spongiosum with an expanded terminus


Where is the central bulb found and what structures does it accept?

The bulb is the proximal end of the corpus spongiosum and accepts the urethra, arteries, and the ducts of the bulbourethral glands.


What surrounds the two corpus cavernosum and the one corpus spongiosum?

Tunica albuginea, and also but "bucks" fascia which is a continuation of scarpas fascia


What vessels does the penis contain?

A deep dorsal vein within Bucks, two arteries, 2 nerves, a superficial dorsal vein, lymphatics.


How many pairs of arteries supply the penis?

Three pairs, all from the internal pudendal artery


What supplies the corpus spongiosum and the glans?

The artery to the bulb, from internal pudendal


What supplies the skin, fascia and glans? with what does this artery anastomose?

The dorsal artery from the internal pudendal. Anastomoses with the bulb artery.


What supplies the corpus cavernosum? What is the function of this?

The deep artery of the penis, sole function is erection


Describe the venous drainage of the penis

Venous drainage has partial parallels with arterial supply but is mainly through the deep dorsal vein


Where does penile lymph drain to?

Skin lymphatics pass to superficial inguinal nodes, but glans and corpora drain to the deep inguinal nodes


What is the nerve supply to the skin of the penis?

Pudendal nerves


What is the nerve supply to bulbocavernosus and ishiocavernosus?

Perineal nerve (sympathetic from L1 for ejaculation, pelvic splanchnic nerves are parasympathetic for erection)


What nerves are responsible for erection?

Pelvic splanchnic nerves, parasympathetic


What nerves are responsible for ejaculation?

Sympathetic, L1


What are the superficial perineal muscles in the male?

The bulb (-> bulbospongiosus), and the crus (->ischiocavernosus), and also the superficial transverse perineal muscles)


From what does bulbospongiosus arise?

The perineal body and the midline raphe forwards to the perineal membrane


From what does ischocarvernosus arise?

From the posterior perineal membrane and ramus of ischium to the upper surface of the corpus cavernosum


From what do the superficial transverse perineal muscles arise? What is their role?

They arise from the perineal membrane to the perineal body, and stabilise this.