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Conjugate Parler - to speak in the perfect tense

j'ai parlé=I spoke
tu as parlé=You spoke
il/elle/on a parlé=He/She/We spoke
nous avons parlé=We spoke
vous avez parlé=You spoke
ils/elles ont parlé=They spoke


Conjugate se laver - to wash in the perfect tense

Je me suis lavé=I washed
tu t'es lavé=you washed
il s'est lavé=he washed
elle s'est lavée=she washed
on s'est lavé=we washed
nous nous sommes lavé=we washed
vous vous êtes lavé=you washed
ils se sont lavés=they washed
elles se sont lavées=they washed


Conjugate finir - to finish in the perfect tense

j'ai fini=I finished
tu as fini=You finished
il/elle/on a fini=he/she/we finished
nous avons fini=we finished
vous avez fini=you all finished
ils/elles ont fini=they finished


Conjugate vendre - to sell in the perfect tense

J'ai vendu=I sold
Tu as vendu=You sold
il/elle/on a vendu=he/she/we sold
nous avons vendu=We sold
vous avez vendu=you sold
ils/elles ont vendu=they sold


Conjugate avoir - to have in the perfect tense

J'ai eu=I had
Tu as eu=you had
il/elle/on a eu=he/she/we had
nous avons eu=we had
vous avez eu=you had
il/elles ont eu=they had


conjugate être - to be in the perfect tense

j'ai été=I was
tu as été=you were
il/elle/on a été=he/she/we were
nous avons été=we were
vous avez été=you were
ils/elles ont été=they were


conjugate aller - to go in the perfect tense

je suis allé=I went
tu es allé=you went
il est allé=he went
elle est allée=she went
on est allé=we went
nous sommes allé=we went
vous êtes allé=you went
ils sont allés=they went
elles sont allées=they went


conjugate faire - to do in the perfect tense

j'ai fait=i did
tu as fait=you did
ill/elle/on a fait=he/she/we did
nous avons fait=we did
vous avez fait=you did
ils/elles ont fait=they did


conjugate donner - to give in the perfect tense

j'ai donné=I gave
tu as donné=you gave
il/elle/on a donné=he/she/we gave
nous avons donné=we gave
vous avez donné=you gave
ils/elles ont donné=they gave