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What do you do in your spare time? What do you like to do for fun?

Typical Saturday afternoon that is work-free:
1) KIPP NYC – convincing Bradley to read one full magazine article and answer 10 multiple choice questions before playing basketball with him and getting embarrassed
2) Try new pizza restaurant in Harlem on my way home
3) Spend an hour or two painting/drawing while listening to my favorite 1990s playlist
4) kick back with bottle of wine and spend an hour trying to find a movie that I haven’t seen, resort to picking something from 1970s bc of classics like Taxi Driver and One Flew
5) cook up a feast or walk to the West Village with my friends to try a new restaurant

OR I might scrap that entire day, wake up at 6AM and drive to the shore with my brother in the middle of winter, strap on a wet suit and go surfing in freezing water


Describe something that you should start doing, do more of, and do less of?

Start: working out on a strict schedule
More: reading for pleasure
Less: talking about business in social setting; all my friends work in tech or finance, so it’s hard to avoid a dinner conversation about business


Do you read for fun? What was the last book that you read? Favorite book?

Last book: Creator’s Code (Amy Wilkinson)
Takeaway: very inspiring; she argues that the six skills that very successful entrepreneurs have in common aren’t necessarily rare gifts or slim chance talents. Entrepreneurship is accessible to everyone. Book provides core guidance for success in the new world
1. FIND THE GAP: By staying alert, creators spot opportunities that others don't see.
2. DRIVE FOR DAYLIGHT: Just as race-car drivers keep their eyes fixed on the road ahead, creators focus on the future.
3. FLY THE OODA LOOP: Creators continuously update their assumptions. In rapid succession, they observe, orient, decide, and act.
4. FAIL WISELY: Creator set failure ratios, place small bets to test ideas, and develop resilience. They hone the skill to turn setbacks into successes. (Favorite chapter)
5. NETWORK MINDS: Creators bring together diverse brainpower to come up with breakthrough solutions.
6. GIFT SMALL GOODS: Creators unleash generosity by helping others, often by sharing information, pitching in to complete a task, or opening opportunities to colleagues.

Favorite Non-Fiction: Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)
Takeaway: Incredible story about perseverance: a man that refused to be broken. Driven to the limits of endurance, Zamperini would answer desperation with ingenuity; suffering with hope, resolve, and humor; brutality with rebellion. His fate, whether triumph or tragedy, would be suspended on the fraying wire of his will.

Favorite Fiction: Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad)
Takeaway: psychological exploration as Marlow discovers the moral complexities of man


What motivates you?

I am motivated by my desire to push the boundaries of who I am and what I can achieve.

I have come to realize that, with hard work and perseverance, I can compete in the most rigorous academic and business environments and thrive in the most demanding of social situations.

I excited by new challenges and experiences that help me stretch myself and grow.


What is the hardest decision you have ever made?

The hardest AND easiest decision I have ever had to make was transferring into Wharton.

At the time, it was a very difficult decision because I risked having to take an extra semester or extra year of school if I was unsuccessful in my attempt. The task at hand was simple enough: I had to take four courses and get a 4.0 in order to successfully transfer. But I was entering into unchartered territory: for example, I had to take intro to accounting, a notoriously tough weed out course in the notoriously competitive Wharton school. It was a bit of a gamble in some respects, considering I had never taken a Wharton course before.

However, in hindsight, it was the easiest decision I have ever had to make and one of the most important decisions. I knew that business was my passion and true to my dad’s favorite piece advice: do what you are passionate about and success and happiness will follow. I immediately clicked with the analytical coursework and fell in love with the classes. Successfully transferred, and never looked back. Great decision


What is the biggest risk you ever took and how did it contribute to your personal development?

Transferring into Wharton --> changed my entire path forward, personally and professionally

(1) Personal: FOP --> confidence and skills to launch fundraising platform
(2) Professional: BX --> access to incredible job opportunities
(3) Academic: Negotiations --> discovered importance of negotiations in dialy life and uncovered my collaborative nature; Venture Capital -->
(4) Extracurricular: Lantern --> great leadership oppty and amazing network of inspiring individuals


What are the two best pieces of advice you have ever been given, and why?

1) Dad: If you do what you are passionate about, success and happiness will follow --> has never led me astray. Successfully transferred into Wharton, which was a great move. Led me to BX, which was a phenomenal launching pad. Ultimately took me to WP, allowing me to do what I am passionate about: work with fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses
2) Sixth Grade History: “Life is like a game of poker. You have to play the hand you’re dealt, but a wise player can play what seems to be a weak hand and win the game.” --> it is because of this type of unwavering support that I have excelled personally and professionally. I have learned that through hard work and perseverance, I can compete in even the most rigorous academic and professional environments and thrive in the most demanding of social situations.


Recommend something to me / Recommend a reading list to me for the holidays / What is one product you cannot live without? What is your favorite book?

Reading: Unbroken, Endurance, Creator’s Code


What technology do you use every day? = has changed the way I will shop forever; larger shopping carts


What do you think the non-profit you volunteered at can do better?

Use data analytics to drive student outcomes


What is a political issue that you have a strong stance on?

Education – increased focus on student outcomes
Gun control – increased regulation with background checks


What is a time that you advocated for change?

Beta Theta Pi
(1) 15% increase in membership contributions
(2) 5-year capital budget plan to make improvements to house


Tell me about a time when you raised an unpopular idea

Landon Water Polo
(1) Opposition from school administrators
(2) Advocated for change to status quo

Beta Theta Pi
(1) 15% increase in membership contributions
(2) 5-year capital budget plan to make improvements to house


Tell me about a time that made you feel uncomfortable

College speech to fraternity about my candidacy for Treasurer


What is a fun fact about you?

1) moved to six different states before I was nine
2) award winning artist despite not being related to Pablo


What magazine cover would you like to be on and why?

Time Magazine – 25 million weekly readership
Person of the Year – someone who has pushed boundaries and had an impact on the world in a profound way
Charles Lindbergh = 1927 first person to fly a plan solo non-stop across Atlantic
MLK = 1963
Jeff Bezos = 1999
Bill & Melinda Gates = 2005 - expand educational opportunities and access to information technology
Mark Zuckerberg = 2010

Why? I want to make a broad impact, whether through community involvement (Bill & Melinda) or through technology (Bezos, Zuckerberg)


What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

When I was a teenager, my brother and I would chase hurricanes to go surfing.

Taught me importance of trust


If you had a year off and unlimited money, what would you do?

In order to avoid common answer of travel the world on a world surf tour. Dream job = start biggie smalls

Learn something about restaurant industry
Make a bold entrance


What has been the happiest day of your life?

Joke: Hopefully the day I get into HBS

Serious: Closing investment into Civitas


What would you do in your time off before your MBA?

Thinking about doing an internship at Civitas

Alternatively, would love to do a California road trip I’ve always wanted to do


Tell us more about your interest in painting and drawing.

(1) Early on, discovered that I was pretty good at drawing cartoons characters
(2) Accelerated growth in high school through guidance of Mr. Bartman
(3) Won first prize at first art competition
(4) Have continued to use art as an outlet to express myself; great to get ‘me time’ on the weekends
(5) have learned that there are many different ways to view and interpret the world --> value multiple points of view


Tell me more about your interest in surfing

(1) Learned how to surf when I was nine on Wakiki Beach with my older brother
(2) would chase hurricanes as a kid
(3) have since surfed across four continents
(4) Will throw on wet suit in middle of winter


Tell me more about your interest in pizza

Love for pizza developed at young age

I have been to over 50 pizza places in NYC


Tell me more about your interest in 1970s films. What is your favorite movie?

American Film Renaissance =

(1) a new generation of young filmmakers came to prominence in United States, influencing the types of films produced, their production and marketing, and the way major studios approached filmmaking
(2) More free reign and take more risks (e.g. use of violence, budgets)
(3) rise of the blockbuster (Jaws was highest grossing film until Star Wars)

Directors: Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver), Steven Spielberg (Jaws, 27 yrs old), George Lucas (Star Wars, 33 years old), Francis Coppola (Godfather, Apocalypse Now)

1970s: Apocalypse Now

All 1970s: Godfather, Star Wars, Jaws, Alien, Exorcist, Taxi Driver, Rocky, Apocalypse Now, Deer Hunter, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Halloween, Clockwork Orange, Grease, King Kong, Animal House, Serpico


Tell me more about your interest in 1990s music

Love all music, but 90s music holds a special place in my heart

First concert: Good Charlotte in Tower Records (1998, 9 years old), OR Blink 182, Travis Barker did a flip in the air with his drumset

Favorite Bands:
Rock: Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Blink 182, Oasis,
Rap: Beastie Boys, Eminem, Dr. Dre
Pop: Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears


Tell us more about how you shaped the fraternity

(1) Elected treasurer & social chair of Beta; unprecedented to hold two executive positions simultaneously; helped guide the fraternity through its weekly operations and facilitated communications with University administrators
(2) As treasurer, managed $100K budget and inspired members to increase contributions by 15%; laid out 5-year capital project plan in order to make improvements to the Chapter House, including redoing the floors, buying new furniture, and painting the exterior
(3) As social chair, managed $30K budget and spearheaded weekly events and had my hands in everything from alumni affairs to sorority mixers; managed to self-fund many of our events through money raised from Alumni


Tell us more about FOP

(1) I first learned about Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva at the end of my freshman year of college. That is when I first met Ian, the brother of an older member of my fraternity. Ian was severely handicapped by FOP, an incredibly rare muscular disease that turns tissue into bone.
(2) Through this relationship, I learned that Penn Med is the nation’s leading medical facility focused on FOP research and support for individuals through education, public awareness, and advocacy
(3) Decided to launch a fundraising platform to raise money and awareness for FOP research. I recruited and trained other students, negotiated contracts with musicians, and spearheaded my first on-campus charity concert in Fall 2010. It was a wild success, attracting 1,000 students and raising $16,000 in ticket sales.
(4) went on to team up with Ian to throw several more charity concerts in the coming years, with our largest concert raising $30,000 in ticket sales
(5) Amid having a good time, I realized that I could leverage my natural enthusiasm, leadership skills and entrepreneurial drive in order to make a real impact


Tell us more about your involvement with KIPP

(1) I have always loved working with children and have developed a keen interest in helping students push their boundaries and realize their full potential.
(2) I played sports with mentally challenged kids through KEEN Club and tutored struggling Wharton students through the Penn Tutoring Center.
(3) When I first heard about KIPP through a colleague of mine at Blackstone, I was excited to reengage and join an organization that is focused on improving student success.
(4) KIPP is a national network of free, open enrollment, college-preparatory public schools dedicated to preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and life. It has 183 schools nationwide with 70K students (40% elementary, 50% middle school, 10% high school). Its mission is to help students who need the help most in order to improve college graduation rates.
(5) For the last year, I have volunteered on a weekly basis to mentor and tutor middle school students. It is something that really enjoy doing and I derive a significant amount of satisfaction out of this piece of my life.
(6) During one tutoring session at KIPP, I helped a twelve-year-old boy who was struggling to read and write. As we sounded out and spelled words together, I taught him to list the alphabet at the top of his page and to point to each letter to guide him through the words – a technique my mother had taught me.


Describe and ethical dilemma that you confronted and discuss how you managed it

Landon – honor code system
(1) Senior year in high school, friend of mine was blatantly cheating off of me in class every week
(2) Confronted my friend and told him to stop; he told me to knock it off and let it be
(3) Confronted him a second time asking him to turn himself in otherwise would tell teacher
(4) He refused so I reported him to teacher; he was suspended
(5) initially mad, but later thanked me and told me it was an important lesson learned

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