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Can you tell me a little about yourself?

1. CS @ Rose-Hulman, 2. Amadeus, 3. HomeAway/Expedia


Why did you leave HomeAway/Expedia?

I want to contribute to a social or environmental good and the travel industry was not the place to do it. Move away from enterprise development. Need to grow in a new environment.


What have you been doing since leaving HomeAway/Expedia?

Traveling, visiting family, reading and learning - blockchain, city planning/infrastructure, decision-making.


How would your boss and co-workers describe you?

Analytical, organized, reliable, punny, quiet


What do you want in a new position?

* Impact on social or environmental causes
* Work with people I can learn from (technically or otherwise)
* Time to learn, travel, grow
* Flexibility - location, time of day, mode of work
* Diversity in experience and investment


Where do you see yourself in five years?

2023, 40 - leading, possibly managing, possibly starting my own thing(s)


What are your greatest professional strengths?

* Organized/detail-oriented
* Team cohesion/building
* Big picture view/reframing
* Curiosity & commitment to learning


What is your greatest professional achievement or what are you proud of?

Modular application architecture @ HomeAway
Describe and list benefits


What is the hardest technical problem you have run into?

Memory leak debugging, LMS and email inbox processing


What are some examples of past work experiences where you took initiative?

* OverView UI redesign
* RezGrid UI architecture
* AP tests
* .NET CoP
* Modular API test suite


What do you consider to be your weaknesses?

* Over-absorption, too broad research before deciding
* Too focused on structure, miss opportunities to move fast and improvise
* Too quiet sometimes


Tell me about a specific situation where you failed?

Hackathons, not winning (Super RezGrid, Concierge, Sensible Rates), lesson being even if you love your idea, the right people might not care


Tell me about a challenge or conflict you've faced at work, and how you dealt with it.

Challenging QA resource, didn’t understand system, opened spurious bug reports, direct discussion and learning sessions


What's a time you disagreed with a decision that was made at work?

Keeping both Escapia and V12