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Four Bottom Line P's

Positively maximize guest service
Passionately creative cuisine
Profitable financial results
Philosophy of local, environmental and sustainable business practices


EGR Partners

Bistro Bella Vita


Service Leaders and roles

Doug- GM
Bobby- Assistant GM
Shea- Service manager
Amanda- Bar manager
Tao- Floor manager
April- Floor manager


7 steps to great service

1. Treat all guests like royalty
2. Greet all guests promptly and warmly with a smile
3. Anticipate what our guests want. Gladly get it for them
4. Go the extra mile
5. Know when to ask for help and always be willing to give it (2 section rule)
6. Remember 5/10 rule
7. Follow the 5 steps to handle guest complaints


5 steps to handle guest complaints

1. Acknowledge the complaint
2. Sincerely appologize
3. Make it right
4. Thank them for their feedback
5. Write it up: make sure the correct people are informed