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A patient is taking 10ml 2x daily of amoxicilliin 400mg/5ml. How many mg is the patient receiving per day?
A. 800 mg/day
B. 1600 mg/day
C. 2200 mg/day
D. 2400 mg/day

B. 1600 mg/day


A dropper is calibrated to deliver 20 gtts/ml of LCD. How many drops are required for a Rx compound calling for 1.5ml of LCD?
A. 10 gtts
B. 15 gtts
C. 20 gtts
D. 30 gtts

D. 30 gtts


Convert 1:5000 to a percent strength.
A. 0.02%
B. 0.2%
C. 20%
D. 50%

A. 0.02%


Calculate how many g each of methnol crystals and camphor crystals are needed for the following Rx: Menthol crystals _____, Camphor crystals: aa 0.5%, Salicylic acid powder: 2%, Cerave: qs 120g
A. 0.03g
B. 0.5g
C. 0.6g
D. 3g

C. 0.6g


Amoxicillin 500mg-capsules cost $19.50/500 capsules. How much will a patient be charged for 20 capsules if the pharmacy adds a 35% markup and a $7 dispensing fee?
A. $7.62
B. $10.29
C. $14.62
D. $17.29

D. $17.29


Convert 1.5 g to mg.
A. 0.15mg
B. 15mg
C. 150mg
D. 1500mg

D. 1500mg


A patient is to receive 8mcg/min of digoxin. The concentration of the digoxin is 1mg/500ml of IV fluid. How many ml per hour will the patient receive?
A. 180ml/hr
B. 240/hr
C. 300ml/hr
D. 320ml/hr



Calculate the days supply for the following Rx: Amoxicillin 500mg, 1 cap po bid, dispense 14.
A. 3 days
B. 7 days
C. 10 days
D. 14 days

B. 7 days


One pint of lotion contains 65 ml of benzyl alcohol. Calculate the v/v% of benzyl alcohol in the lotion.
A. 3.1%
B. 10.2%
C. 13.7%
D. 14.8%

C. 13.7%


A physician orders lidocain 1.5 mg/kg to be given to a patient weighting 165lbs. The pharmacy has available lidocain injection in a 4% solution. How many ml of the lidocaine solution will be needed for the patient?
A. 1.92ml
B. 2.81ml
C. 3.09ml
D. 4.76ml

B. 2.81ml


Convert 33lbs to Kg.
A. 9kg
B. 15kg
C. 21kg
D. 72kg

B. 15kg


A Rx calls for 0.3 grams of sodium chloride to be dissolved in purified water to form a solution. If the solubility of sodium chloirde in water is 1g/2.8ml, how many ml of water are required to dissolve the sodium chloride?
A. 0.76ml
B. 0.84ml
C. 0.97ml
D. 1.4ml

B. 0.84ml


A pharmacist dissolves 1.25g of sucrose in water to make a 50ml of solutino. What is the percentage of sucrose?
A. 0.25%
B. 0.5%
C. 2.5%
D. 25%

C. 2.5%


The retail price for blood glucose monitor is $20.99. If the invoice cost is $16.41, what is the markup percentage?
A. 27.1%
B. 28.9%
C. 29.4%
D. 32.5%

A. 27.1%


Convert 76 degree Fahrenheit to Celcius.
A. 18.6 C
B. 24.4 C
C. 44.3 C
D. 53.2 C

B. 24.4 C


A vial of dexamethasone has a concentration of 4mg/ml. How many ml would be given to a patient requiring to 20 mg dose?
A. 4ml
B. 5ml
C. 8ml
D. 10ml

B. 5ml


If 150ml of NS is infused, how many mg of NaCl will the patient recive?
A. 1200mg
B. 1350mg
C. 1420mg
D. 5100mg

B. 1350mg


How many tsp are in 120ml?
A. 6
B. 8
C. 12
D. 24

D. 24


A Rx calls for 200ml of 0.25% prednisolone solution. How many ml of 0.5% prednisolone are needed to prepare the Rx?
A. 50ml
B. 75ml
C. 100ml
D. 150ml

C. 100ml


What is the body surface area for a patient who weighs 26.4 kg and is 54.1 cm in height?
A. 0.15 m^2
B. 0.40 m^2
C. 0.63 m^2
D. 0.71 m^2

C. 0.63 m^2


1000ml of fluid must be infused to a patient over 6 hours. If the calibration of the IV tubing is 10gtts/ml, how many drops per minute will there be? (Round answer to the nearest whole number).
A. 20 gtts/min
B. 28 gtts/ min
C. 32 gtts/min
D. 36 gtts/min

B. 28 gtts/min


Convert 480ml to ounces.
A. 12 oz
B. 16 oz
C. 24 oz
D. 30 oz

B. 16 oz


A Rx calls for 15 mg/kg of vancomycin every 8 hours. How many mg of vancomycin will a patient weighing 65kg recieve per day?
A. 975 mg/day
B. 1035 mg/day
C. 2260 mg/day
D. 2925 mg/day

D. 2925 mg/day


Calculate the days supply for the following Rx:
Sulfatrim, 1 tsp po q12h, dispense 140ml.
A. 3 days
B. 7 days
C. 10 days
D. 14 days

D. 14 days


Calculate how many tablets are nedded to fill the following Rx:
Furosemide 20mg, ii tabs po bid x 14 days
A. 28 tablets
B. 42 tablets
C. 56 tablets
D. 84 tablets

C. 56 tablets


Calculate how many mg of enalapril powder are required for the following Rx:
Enalapril 15 mg/ 5 ml, dispense 120 ml
A. 33 mg
B. 140 mg
C. 360 mg
D. 390 mg

C. 360 mg


Calculate how many g of salicylic acid powder are needed for the following Rx:
Menthol crystals; Camphor crystal: aa 0.5%; Salicylic acid powder: 2%; Cerave: gs 60g
A. 0.12g
B. 0.3g
C. 0.9g
D. 1.2g

D. 1.2g


The package insert for drug states that 1.5ml of diluent must be added to 0.25 g of the dry powder to make a final solution of 100 mg/ml. What is the powder volume?
A. 1ml
B. 1.75ml
C. 2ml
D. 2.5ml

A. 1ml


Convert 8 fluid oz to ml.
A. 80ml
B. 120ml
C. 240ml
D. 300ml

C. 240ml


A wheelchair costs the pharmacy $112.50. If the pharmacy adds a 25% markup to medical equipent, what is the retail price of the wheelchair?
A. $128.63
B. $140.63
C. $143.54
D. $147.89

B. $140.63