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What is the pharyngeal plexus and where does it lie?

A nexwork of nerve that lies of the middle constrictor


What nerve make up the pharyngeal plexus?

1) Pharyngeal Branch of the Vagus (CN X)
2) Pharyngeal Branch of the Glossopharyngeal (CN IX)
3) Sympathetic Fibers from the Superior Cervical Ganglion


Which nerve is the sensory innervation to the mucosa of the pharynx?

Pharyngeal Branch of the Glossopharyngeal (CN IX)


Which branch in the pharyngeal plexus carries motor fibers that originate from the cranial part of the accessory nerve?

Pharyngeal Branch of the Vagus (CN X)


T/F: All of the muscles of the pharynx have motor innervation from the Pharyngeal Branch of the Vagus?

False: All but the Sylopharyngeus, which is innervated by the Glossopharyngeal


What arteries are associated with the pharynx?

1) Ascending Pharyngeal Artery
2) Maxillary Artery


Which facial layer surrounds the pharynx external to the muscles of the pharynx?

Buccopharyngeal Layer


Which layer of fascia is continues with the pretracheal fascia?

Buccopharyngeal Layer


Which layer of fascia lies internal to the muscles and eternal to teh mucosa of the pharynx?

Pharyngeobasilar Fascia


What is the potential space that can lie between teh buccopharyngeal and prevertebal fascia?

Retropharyngeal Space


This space extends downward into teh throax and permits movement of the pharynx and esophagus during swallowing.

Retropharyngeal Space


What can cause the potential retropharyngeal space to cause the posterior wall of the pharynx to balloon forward?

1) Hemorrhage from Cervical Trauma
2) Abscess from Pharyngeal Infecton


What is the clinical significance when the posterior wall of the pharynx balloons forward due to an actual retropharyngeal space?

Can Lead to Suffication