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What is continental drift?

The gradual movement of the continents across the earths surface through geological time.


Who is Alfred Wegner?

Meteorologist who came up with continental drift.


What did Alfred wegner use for evidence?

Continents fit like a puzzle, same species lived on different continents, similar rocks, glaciers and mountain ages on different continents.


Where is the Canadian Shield locates and what are it’s characteristics?

Covers more than half of Canada. Is flat with round hills. Contains thin soil resulting in poor farming.


Where is western cordillera and what are it’s characteristics?

Located on the west edge of Canada. Has mountains with harsh climates, lightly populated. Rich in minerals, timber, and sources of hydro-electricity


Where are the Appalachian mountains and what are some of its characteristics?

Located in southern Quebec and most Atlantic provinces. Is the oldest region in Canada with deciduous hardwood trees. Sedimentary rocks, right in non metallic minerals. Rich fertile soil.


Where are the Great Lakes and st Lawrence lowlands located and what are it’s characteristics?

Located south of the Canadian Shield in Ontario and Quebec. 70% of Canada’s manufacturing industries. Excellent soil and warm climate results in great farming


Where are the interior plains and what are it’s characteristics?

Located in the middle of Canada. Has fertile soil, part treeless, part boreal forest. Has sedimentary rock


Where are the arctic and Hudson Bay lowlands and what are it’s characteristics?

Located in Canada’s far north on the islands. Has a brief summer and a frozen winter. Agriculture is virtually impossible


What is divergent?

Land separates creating ridges, sea floor spreadings, and eruptions.


What is convergent?

Land moves towards each other creating mountains and volcanoes


What is transform?

Land runs against each other creating fault lines, and mismatched earth