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Placenta accreta? Abnormality of what layer? Histology?

Abnormal adherence of the placenta to the uterine wall – due to an animality of the decidua basalis (placental villi are attached to the myometrium)


Placenta increta?

Abnormally implanted placenta penetrates into myometrium


Placenta percreta? Common complication?

Abnormally implanted placenta penetrates entirely through myometrium and into serosa

Invasion into bladder


Risk factors for placental adherence?

1. Anterior/Low lying placenta
2. Placenta previa
3. Prior C-section or uterine scar
4. Uterine curettage or Prior myomectomy
5. Fetal down syndrome


Differentiating complete versus incomplete placenta accreta

No bleeding versus antepartum bleeding


Initial management hope retained placenta? Finding of placenta accreta ? Do not try?

Manual extraction with effort to find cleavage plane between placenta uterus

No cleavage plane between placenta and uterus

D&C – can cause hemorrhage and exsanguination


Transmigration of the placenta?

Rapid growth of lower uterine segment (in a low lying placenta) during the third trimester


50% risk for placenta accreta if?

3+ prior C-sections with placenta previa


Treatment of placenta accreta? If Patient refuses? Side effects?


Location of umbilical cord is highest possible and IV methotrexate (hemorrhage and infection)