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What should you consider when making an ad?

The main thing to consider is what you want the pinner to do when they click through your ad to go to your site

Who is your audience?
What do they like?
What's your objective?


Questions to ask to begin strategising?

What do you want to communicate about your product, service or brand?
Which ad format makes the most sense? (Carousel pins, video pins, standard pins, app install pins)
What metrics do you want to track? (impressions, link clicks, conversions)


What is the Pinterest tag?

The tag is comprised of a base code and an event code that go on to your site.

It tracks what people do after selecting your ad and entering your site. For example, it tracks where they go, what they select, which products the purchase etc.


How do you install a Pinterest tag?

You first have to log in to your Pinterest business account. Click the ads tab , then click conversions. This will take you to the conversions page. Click create Pinterest Tag