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Where in plants does photosynthesis occur?

The chloroplasts


Word equation for photosynthesis

carbon dioxide + water = glucose + oxygen


Balanced symbol equation for phtotsynthesis

6CO2 + 6H2O (+ light energy) = C6H12O6 + 6O2


How do you know if temperature is the limiting factor in photosynthesis?

Light and CO2 will be in plentiful supply


Explain why the temperature has to be just right in photosynthesis

If temp gets too high - over 45°c - the plants enzymes denature, so photosynthesis stops. However, temp does increase the rate of photosynthesis, up to that certain point.


3 ways leaves are adapted for photosynthesis

Leaves are broad - more area exposed to light
Most chloroplasts found in palisade layer (near top = most light)
Upper epidermis is transparent, so light can pass to palisade layer


What 3 mineral ions do plants need for growth?

Nitrates, phospates and potassium


What are nitrates needed for in plants?

Cell growth


What are phospates needed for in plants?

Respiration and growth


What is potassium needed for in plants?

Respiration and photosynthesis


What does magnesium do in plants?

It makes chlorophyll


Describe an experiment with Canadian Pondweed to show the rate of photosynthesis

1) Source of white light placed at a specific and measured distance from PW
2) PW photosynthesises for a set time
3) As this happens, oxygen produced by PW is collected in capillary tube
4) Experiment is repeated at different distances