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What famous analogy did Plato come up with?

Analogy of the cave


What’s Plato’s hierarchy of forms (from best to worst)?

Form of the good, forms, particulars


What represents the form of the good in Plato’s analogy?

The sun


Arguments against Plato’s theory of forms

1) there’s no physical evidence
2) Aristotle questions if there’s one idea of perfection/ the form of the good
3) Mel Thompson- takes for granted we’re unhappy in the World of Appearances
4) Stephen law- there must also be perfect forms of unpleasant things
5) Aristotle’s perishability argument


What quote shows Mel Thompson’s view on the theory of forms?

‘Plato fails to illustrate the attractiveness of the physical world; the scene inside the gloomy cave hardly delights the senses’


What quote shows Stephen Law’s view on the world of forms?

‘The platonic heaven of forms does not sound so heavenly’


How does Aristotle attack Plato’s theory of forms?

The form of perishability argument


Outline the form of perishability argument

Some objects are perishable, so there must be a Form of perishability. However, each Form is also eternal and unchanging, so this is a contradiction


Arguments in support of Plato

1) we know our senses deceive us
2) prisoners in his analogy are completely unaware as we could be


Word for clean slate

Tabula rasa


Empiricist philosophers

John Locke, George Berkeley, David Hume