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Who wrote this poem?

Jane weir


how is the narrative presented?

In first person meaning reader gets strong impression of mothers emotions


What does the writer try to explore?

The feeling of loosing your son to growing up compared to preparing your son for war


what does the quote ‘spasms of paper red,’ mean?

Poppies represent blood showing loss. The spasm of red shoes the burst of blood relating to the gun fire or wounds of war


What quote shows the send of touch and how the mother longs for the closeness she had with her son?

‘Graze my nose’


What does ‘graze my nose’ show

Sense of touch, mother longs for closeness with son when he was small and emphasises distance between them now


what quote shows the image of freedom?

‘Dove pulled Freely against the sky’


What does ‘the dove pulled freely against the sky’ show

Image of freedom, links her son to discovering freedom. Connotations he dove is like her son


What quote links leaving to join the army with leaving to go to school?

‘Playground voice catching on the wind’


What does ‘playground voice catching on the wind’ show?

Mothers listening for children who never return, evokes sadness as son is leaving but not for war. Could also link to freedom of people at war who have found peace.


What other poems does this link with?

‘War photographer’ ‘kamikaze’