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Prime Minister

He is the leader of the Australian government and the nation. He leads the parliamentary party or coalition of parties.


Opposition Leader

The opposition leader has to challenge the current governments choices. His party doesnt control the government.


Governor General

He appoints judges. He is chosen by the queen. He stays in power for about 5 years. He attends lots of parades and ceremonies.



He has to make executive decisions in the 6 states of the commonwealth of Australia. He is like the prime minister but he is in WA.


Minister For Foreign Affairs

She is in charge of a states foreign policy and relations. She also helps Australians that get in trouble in other countries.



The treasurer has to look after the money and he is the chief banker and money manager. He oversees all of the countries cash savings, debt and investments.


Chief Government Whip

She can wield great power over their party's MP's. She is in charge of discipline and she has to vote as the party leadership desires.



He had to speak and argue between or against two or more parties. He controls some of the members and he can kick people out of parliament.



She had to read the legislation from the house of commons and suggest changes.


Chief Justice Of The High Court

She is the one of leadership. She has an executive role as the head of court. She is also head of all the judges. She is the most important judge.


Deputy Prime Minister & Leader Of Nationals

His party look after farmers. Whenever Malcolm Turnbull goes out of Australia, he is in charge.