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Alloderm Post Op Instructions

1. No brushing until week 4
2. Do not pull on lip to look at surgical area
3. Use AO gel 3 times a day- place a pump on tongue and apply to surgical site
4. No electric toothbrush or Waterpik for 8 weeks
5. Ice on and off for 15 min for the first 24 hours of awake time
6. Continue Medrol dose pack and antibiotic until gone


Extraction Post Op Instructions

1. No rinsing, No Straw, No spitting
2. Leave area completely alone
3. Apply ice for first 2 hours
4. No smoking


Free Gingival Graft Post Op Instructions

1. Beginning day after surgery swish with warm water deep into the fold of your lip where graft was placed
2. While putty is present do not brush or floss on top of it.
3. When putty comes off throw away, resume normal brushing and flossing in area


Implant - Stage II Post Op Instructions

1. Continue Amoxacillin til gone
2. No rinsing, spitting, or straw use
3. Can brush and floss regular, but use red toothbrush if abutment is placed as instructed by Dr. Rubino
4. Ice for the first 2 hours
5. No smoking


Microsurgery (Flap Surgery) Post Op Instructions

1. Cold liquids and soft food
2. Warm salt water rinsing day after 2-3 times per day
3. Start brushing on the day after procedure
4. No flossing for 1 week
5. Keep tissue bacteria free for healing


PAOO Post Op Instructions

1. Complete Medrol Pack
2. Do not rinse, spit or use straw
3. Ice 2 hours only
4. Remain on soft diet for 2 weeks


Sinus Augmentation

1. Finish Medrol Dose
2. Finish antibiotic
3. Do not rinse
4. Avoid blowing nose for 2 weeks
5. Sneeze through open mouth
6. Ice for 2 hours only
7. No smoking for 3 weeks