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Why was America the only country to be economically stronger after WWII?

Half a million businesses started during the war due to war contracts / War ended unemployment / Farmers made money exporting food to allies / Demand for workers led to higher wages , so people spent more.


What made it possible for so many people to move to the suburbs?

Most Americans owned a car.


Prove that living standards were high for many Americans in 1960.

The living standard of the average American was 3 times of that of the average British person


How did hire purchase contribute to the American Dream?

People paid things in credit and paid them off over time, so they could afford lots of expensive goods.


Which movie stars acted as rebellious teenagers in films?

Marlon Brando and James Dean


How many Americans owned their own homes, cars and at least 1 TV by 1960?

Homes: 60%
Cars: 75%
TV: 87%


How did the international situation 1950 lead Mcarthyism?

Both USSR and China were communist and people were worried about it spreading to the USA.


Which group was created to investigate communist involvement in film, education & government?

House Committee of Un- American Activities


How many people lost their jobs or were black listed?

100 University lectures were fired and 324 Hollywood people were black listed.


Why did the ‘witch hunts’ come to an end?

When McCarthy started accusing powerful men in the army he was accused of making it up.


What discrimination did African Americans face in the 1950s / 1960s?

Segregation and disenfranchisement


Which court case happened in 1954 and why was it significant?

Brown Vs Board if Education - it ruled that segregation in schools was illegal


What happened at the Little Rock in 1957?

Faubus used state police to stop 9 black students attending a white school. Eisenhower had to send the army to protect them.


Why was Montgomery Bus Boycott successful?

The bus company lost 65% of their income during the boycott.


Which peaceful groups took action between 1956 and 1964?



Which peaceful protests took place in 1960 and 1961?

Sit ins (1960) and Freedom Rides (1961)


How many people attended MLK’s March on Washington in 1963?

200,000 blacks and 50,000 whites


What years were the Civil Rights Acts passed and what did they do?

1964, outlawed segregation in public spaces and 1968, outlawed discrimination in selling / renting houses


What year was the Voting Rights Act and what did they do?

1965, ended all discrimination against black people registering to vote


Why was there a march in Selma in 1965?

To get voting rights - Selma has 15,000 black people old enough to vote but only 335 were registered