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Why should you never open a power supply?

You should never open a power supply because it can still hold a charge, even when unplugged.


What does PSU stand for?

PSU stands for Power Supply Unit.


What does a power supply do?

A power supply takes AC (alternating current) and turns it into several DC (Direct Current) voltages.


What three voltages does a Power Supply Unit provide?

- 12.0 V
- 5.0 V
- 3.3 V


What are the different voltages provided by a Power Supply Unit normally used for?

- 12.0 V current is normally used for devices with motors such as Hard Drives and CD ROM drives.
- 5.0 V and 3.3 V currents are normally used for support of on-board electronics.


What are the power connectors that connect to the motherboard?

- P1 connector (20, 24, or 20 + 4 pin)
- P4 connector (4, 6, or 8 pin)


What are the four typical power supply connections?

- P1, P4 for the motherboard (Orientation important),
- Molex connector (4 chamfers, orientation important),
- Mini Connectors (Predominantly used for floppy drives)
-SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, 15 pin)


What might you be able to use if you run out of the right power connections?

You may be able to use splitters or adapters to add power connections.


What are Rails?

Rails are the separate voltage lines that provide certain voltages to the various connectors.


What is the name used for the hum that electrical components make.

The name used for the electrical hum that electrical components make is called harmonics. Harmonics can damage electrical components over time.


What is Active PFC?

Active PFC stands for Active Power Factor Correction. It is extra circuitry that smooths out the way the power supply takes current and eliminates harmonics. You should not buy a power supply that doesn't have active PFC.


How much wattage does a computer need?

The total wattage of all devices combined is the minimum you need the power supply to provide.


If you add something to a computer and it won't boot up, what should you do?

Remove the component and try to start again. If it works, it's likely that the power supply does not provide provide enough power.


What two things does the Power Supply Fan do?

- Cools components in the power supply, and provides constant flow of outside air throughout the interior of the computer case.


If you turn on a computer and it's quieter than usual, what should you do?

If the fans are not working turn it off. The Power Supply may need to be replaced.


What should you do in terms of fan settings?

You should turn on your temperature alarms in the CMOS settings.


Power supplies will not start unless they are connected to the motherboard. How can you test one without a motherboard?

You can use an ATX tester to test a power supply without it being connected to a motherboard.


What kind of issues might you have when a Power Supply is slowly dying?

Intermittent computer issues is a good indicator that the power supply is slowly dying. You should replace the power supply rather than test it as it may seem okay.


What class of fire extinguisher is designed for electrical fires?

Class C fire extinguishes are designed for fires involving live electrical equipment.


What is a Modular Power Supply?

Modular Power Supplies come with separate cables, meaning you only need the cables that you are currently using.


What are the different voltages of different colours?

- Yellow is 12 V
- Red is 5 V