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Example of a closed chain exercise in the Upper Extremity?
-Military press
-Codman's pendulum
-Bicep curl
-Bench press



Use of which of the following medications is associated w/ Reye's syndrome?
-Analgesic cream



Reye's syndrome: definition

life-threatening metabolic disorder, uncertain cause, sometimes precipitated by aspirin


closed chain exercise: definition

exercises performed where the limb is fixed in space and cannot move. Limb remains in constant contact with immobile surface.


An Athletic Trainer is providing services at a downhill skiing competition. A skier falls and hits her head after clearing a jump and complains of pain along the c-spine, with numbness in her right upper extremity. Patient also complains of nausea and moderate headache. What should the A.T. perform FIRST?
-assess cranial nerces
-Evaluate c-spine ROM
-Evaluate patient for concussion
-refer to physician
-stabilize c-spine

stabilize c-spine


Patient presents with pain and swelling in the anatomical snuff box, what conditions is suspected?
-boxers fracture
-scaphoid-navicular fracture
-lunate dislocation
-dequervain's disease
-capitate dislocation

Scaphoid-navicular fracture


Boxer's fracture: definition

fracture of one of the metacarpal bones that occurs transversely across the neck of the bone. Occurs when striking an object with a closed fist


De Quervain's Disease-definition

painful disorders affecting the tendons at the base of the thumb. Most commonly tenosynovitis


During patient assessment of a 16 y.o. athlete, and A.T. notes: Pulse: 76bpm & regular, Blood pressure: 116/72 mm/Hg, Pupile: Equal & reactive, Respiration: 14 RPM, Skin: cool moist and pale, Body temp: 97.9 F
Which finding is abnormal?

Skin: cool, moist, pale


Which of the following sports is unsafe for an athlete absent 1 kidney?
-field hockey
-track and field

Field hockey


An A.T. must write a management plan regarding MRSA incident for a HS athletic department. Which agencies and/or regulations would be most appropriate sources to develop this plan?
-center for disease control & prevention
-Local health department
-local school board

-Center for Disease Control and Prevention
-Local Health Department


An athlete's parent has asked what are the most common factors/causes with her child's temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Which would be included in the explanation?
-Arthritic condition
-chronic sinus congestion
-diminished hearing
-grinding teeth
-poor approximation of teeth

-Arthridic Condition
-Grinding teeth


What budget type requires an A.T. to list anticipated expenditures for specific categories of program sub functions, including equipment repair, insurance, and expendable supplies?
-line item



Fixed budget: definition

a budget that does not change or flex when sales/activity increases or decreases. Relies on a set budget amount for a given period of time.


Zero-based budget: definition

requires that all budget items be fully justified to be included in the annual budget


A hockey player reports to the A.T. complaining of right hip pain. Athlete indicates that the pain began approx. 3 weeks ago & is increasing. Patient has no history of hip injuries and observes: no atrophy or ecchymosis, right iliac crest & ASIS appear inferior, pronated feet/pes planus, genu varum, appatent weight shift to left side. Leg length 5 mm(0.2 inch) difference in true leg length, 15 mm(0.59 in) difference in functional leg length measurements. What are the correct interpritations of the measurements?
- Functional leg length difference (-)
-Functional leg length difference (+)
-Patient has tightness &/or weakness of muscles or joint structure
-possible disruption of growth plate

-Functional leg length difference (+)
-Patient has tightness &/or weakness of muscles or joint structure


Using previous case, based on S&S of evaluation which conditions are suspected?
-abduction muscle strain
-adductor muscle strain
-Femoral neck stress fracture
-Hip flexor strain
-lumbar disk herniation
-trochanter bursitis

-Abduction muscle strain
-Femoral neck stress fracture
-Lumbar disk herniation


The A.t's evaluation of the Patient reveals the following goniometric measurements of the hip. Which are abnormal?
- 10 degrees extension
- 12 degrees adduction
-23 degrees External rotation
-38 degrees Internal rotation
-47 degrees abduction
-129 degrees flexion

-10 degrees extension
-12 degrees adduction
-23 degrees external rotation


To complete this evalutation of the hip which of these special tests is most appropriate at this time? choose all that apply:
-FABER test
-Ober's test
-Piriformis test
-Single-leg balance
-Supine long sit
-Thomas test
-Thompson test

-FABER test
-Obers test
-Piriformis test


FABER test: definition

(Patrick's test) for flexion, abduction, and external rotation to evaluate the hip and sacroiliac joint


Ober's test: definition

used to test for iliotibial band tightness/ syndrome


Piriformis Test: definition

test for piriformis syndrome and sciatic nerve conditions


Thomas test

used to rule out hip flexion contracture and psoas syndrome


Thompson Test

(Simmond's test) used to test for ruptured achilles tendon


Manual Muscle Testing of Athlete's hip revealed weakness in:obuturator externus, gemellus superior, piriformis. Which movement would be limited for this athlete?
-external rotation
-internal rotation

External Rotation


During a pregame meal an athlete has trouble breathing and fall to the floor what do you do?

initiate airway management techniques


During a full contact practice, a football player remains supine after a collision. Which steps should the A.T. take first for an on-field evaluation?
-Assess level of circulation
-Establish/ maintain open airway
-look,listen, feel for signs of breathing
-stabilize c-spine & determine level of consciousness

Stabilize c-spine & determine level of consciousness


Which of the following items should be available to the athletic trainer caring for a diabetic athlete?Choose all that apply
-blood glucose monitor
-copy of athlete's diabetic care plan
-diet soda
-epi-pen auto injector
-protien foods & liquids
-sharps container
-sugary foods/liquids

-Blood glucose monitor
-copy of athletes care plan
-sharps container
-sugary foods/liquids


What bone articulates with the proximal end of the first metacarpal?



Which condition often associated w/ prolonged pronation is MOST likely a predisposing factor for development of overuse injuries?
-pes planus
-pes cavus
-hammer toes
-hallux valgus

Pes planus


A 17 y.o. female basketball player sustained a Grade II inversion ankle sprain. Which functional progression best represents actions she should be required to perform to play?
-jogging, acceleration forward, figure 8's, zig-zag
-lay-up drills, carioca, back pedaling, & jump-rope
-one-legged hops, carioca, back pedaling, & jump rope

jogging, acceleration forward, figure 8's, zig-zag


How often should personnel involved in implementing an Emergency Action Plan be educated on their roles?



To decrease complications & promote healing. What is the MOST appropriate splinting position of a Boutonniere deformity? choose one
-proximal & distal interphalangeal joint in extension
-proximal & distal interphalangeal joint in flexion
-proximal interphalangeal joint in extension and distal interphalangeal joint in extension

Proximal and distal interphalangeal joint in extension


An anthlete has a fracture of the distal lateral malleous. What is the MOST likely mechanism of injury?
-Plantar flexion



Boutonniere deformity: definition

deformed position of the fingers, PIP joint is bent toward the palm and the DIP joint is bent away (PIP= flexion, DIP= hyperextension)


In the event of a death, which of the following terms refers to the act of the institution failing to have an Emergency Action plan in place?
-assumption of risk
-sovereign immunity



Assumption of risk: definition

athlete knowingly and voluntarily assumes a risk of harm connected with the negligence of the institution


Malfeasance: definition

when an individual commits an act that is not legally theirs to perform (act of commission)



when an individual improperly performs an act they have a legal right to do.


Nonfeasance: definition

when an individual fails to perform a legal duty (act of omission)


Negligence: Definition

failure to use ordinary or reasonable care


Sovereign immunity

States that neither the government or any individual who is employed by the government can be held liable for negligence


An athlete appears very irritable before an evening basketball game. The coach indicated that the athlete performed very poorly during the pre-game shooting practice. Examination by the A.T. reveals that the athlete is agitated, sort of breath, lightheaded, nauseated, and sweating profusely, what condition is indicated?
-Bipolar disorder



Which of the following is the OPTIMAL positioning of the glenohumeral joint to palpate the greater tuberosity of the trochanter?
-Passive abduction
-Passive adduction
-Passive flexion
-Passive internal rotation
-Passive external rotation

-Passive external rotation


Which of the following are TRUE regarding emergency action plan? Choose all that apply
-Must be distributed to A.T.'s and team physicians
-Must be written documents
-outlines qualifications of those writing the plans
-should be reviewed and researched monthly
-should be specific to the activity venue

-Must be distributed to A.T.'s and team physicians
-Must be written documents
-Should be specific to the activity venue


During a soccer game, the A.T. sees a flash of lightening above the playing field and it begins to rain. What is the appropriate course of action?
-clear the field and postpone the game until the flash-bang ration exceeds 20 sec
-Allow the game to proceed but only if the flash bang ration exceeds 30 sec
-allow the game to proceed but encourage fans to stay out of bleachers

-clear the field and postpone the game for at least 30 min


Which of the following is a contraindication of the clinical application of continuous cervical traction?
-cervical degenerative disc disease
-cervical facet joint dysfunction
-cervical nerve root impingement
-cervical stenosis

-Cervical stenosis


What is the recommended time period, in years, that every NOCSAE approved helmet should be be returned to the manufacturer for re certification and reconditioning?
- 1

- Every 2 years


After sustaining a displaced femoral fracture, injury to which anatomical structure could result in a possible catastrophic injury?
-Adductor magnus
-femoral artery
-femoral nerve
-ingunal ligament
-pubic symphysis

-Femoral artery


An athlete presents with a suspected retinal detachment. To whom should this athlete be referred?



During an away game, a 17 y.o. athlete sustains a possible rib fracture and is having difficulty breathing. What documentation should be presented to the EMS personnel/ emergency room personnel?
-current medical record
-insurance card copy
-parental consent form
-release of medical information form

-Parental consent form


While evaluating an athletes hip, an A.T. notes an 18 degree angle of torsion, femoral rotation,squinting patella, and toe-in gait. Visually this indicates which condition?
-coxa valga
-coxa vara
-femoral torsion
-hip anteversion
-hip retroversion

-hip anteversion


In an acute injury situation, which of the following conditions would necessitate immediate activation of EMS?
-head injury with no associated loss of consciousness
-heat cramps that may require rehydration
-swelling & ecchymosis to a distal extremity articulation
-loss of vascular supply & neurological integrity distal to an obvious fracture

-loss of vascular supply & neurological integrity distal to an obvious fracture


What angle in degrees of knee flexion will MOST likely elicit pain during a positive Noble compression test?
- 0

30 degrees


Noble compression test: definition

assess for iliotibail band friction syndrome


A runner at a road race collapses at the finish line and is brought to the medical tent for evaluation and treatment which of the following signs & symptoms are MOST indicative of exertional heat stroke?
-body core temp. greater than 104
-body core temp between 97-104
-cool/clammy skin
-hot and wet or dry skin

-body core temp greater than 104 degrees
-hot and wet or dry skin


A 6' 3" female athlete presents for her PPE. The A.T. note that she has unusually long arms, is slightly kyphotic, and is wearing very powerful eye glasses. Which of the following conditions may be present?
-Ankylosing spondylitis
-De quervain's syndrome
-Haglund's deformity
-Marfan syndrome
-Scheuermans disease

- Marfan syndrome


A rower reports to the athletic trainer complaining of pain with respective wrist motions. Examination reveals that the athlete has swelling over the ex tensor radialis longus. What should the A.T. recommend?
- recommend the athlete go the the ER
-recommend the athlete decrease activity & use moist heat 2x's daily
-recommend the athlete increase activity & stretch regularly prior to exercise
-recommend the athlete decrease activity and use ice massage 3 x's a day

- Recommend the athlete decrease activity and use ice massage 3x's a day


Which of the following medications is MOST appropriate in the treatment of tinea pedis?
-oral antipyretic
-oral antibiotic
-topical antibiotic cream
-topical antimicrobial cream
-topical antifungal cream

-Topical antifungal cream


When attempting to palpate the dome of the talus, the athletic trainer should place the athlete's foot in which position?
- eversion



A fixed amount of money with out designation defines which type of budgeting?
-zero based
-lump sum
-line item

Lump sum


Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of commotio cordis?
-blunt trauma
-congenital abnormality
-fluid accumulation around the heart
-Heart punctured by a rib
-Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Blunt trauma


A positive Romberg test MOST likely indicates a deficiency in which area?
-Motor Function



Which of the following is the MOST common mechanism of injury for a brachial plexus neuropraxia?
-cervical hyperextension with cervical compression
-cervical hyperextension with a rotational force
-forward cervical flexion with an axial load
-lateral cervical fleixon with contralateral shoulder depression
-lateral cervical flexion with contralateral shoulder elevation

-Lateral cervical flexion w/ contralateral shoulder depression


How often should a patient take a prescription medicine perscribed as QID?
-as needed
-every day
-every other day
- 4 x's a day
-3 x's a day

- 4 x's a day


A male athlete reports to the A.T. expressing concern for recent painful urination's with traces of blood & purulent discharge. There has been no recent trauma. To who should the A.T. refer the athlete?
-Family practice physician

Family Practice physician


What is the optimal arm position when taking a patient's blood pressure?
-Arm relaxed with elbow & forearm level with the heart
-Arm at side with elbow straight
-Arm held horizontal above 12th rib with elbow straight
-Horizontal at shoulder level with elbow straight

-Arm relaxed with elbow and forearm level with the heart


Which of the following conditions is a contraindication for joint mobilization techniques?



Which of the following training activities is OPTIMAL in stimulating joint mechanoreceptors in a rehab program?



Which term is used for a fracture in which the distal radius and ulna are displaced in a volar direction?



Which of the following are major triggers of asthma?
-Animal dander
-bee stings
-ear infections
-stress or anxiety
-tobacco smoke

Animal dnader
stress or anxiety
tobacco smoke


While attempting to bunt a pitch, a baseball player is struck in the eye by the ball. The athlete complains of photophobia, loss of visual field, pain, and increased pressure in the eye. Examination reveals an accumulation of blood in the eye. Which injury is indicated?
-corneal abrasion
-orbital fracture
-retinal detachment
-traumatic iritis



An athlete reports complaining of arm pain. Evaluation reveals: moderate sensory impairment to c-8 to T-1, edema, decreased radial pulse, paresthesia distributed medially in the arm that extends to the chest. What condition is indicated?
-Anterior compartment syndrome
-brachial plexopathy
-cubital tunnel syndrome
-radial tunnel compression
-thoracic outlet syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome


Which individual makes the decision to allow an athlete to participate in organized athletics following a PPE?
-athletic director
-head coach
-team physician

Team physician


A knee brace with a medial metal insert BEST prevents which type of force?



When splinting a suspected extremity fracture, which of the following is MOST important for proper splint application?
-check distal neurovascular function
-check proximal neurovascular function
-immobilize only the joint proximal to the fracture
-Place the ties directly above the fracture site
-reduce the fracture

Check distal neurovascular function


Which statue can protect individuals from legal liability as long as the act with out negligence and with in the scope of the training?
-citizen responder act
-duty to act
-good samaritan laws
-medical immunity law
-standard of care act

Good samaritan low


Which principal requires that the athlete receive a full disclosure of the risks, benefits, and possible alternatives for treatment?
-implied consent
-informed consent

Informed consent


Which of the following exercises are MOST appropriate for the immediate post-operative phase of a Bankart repair? Choose all that apply
-active assistive abduction to tolerance
-active assistive external rotation to 35-40 degrees in 90 degrees of abduction
-active assistive internal rotation to 35-40 degrees in a 90 degree abduction
-active elbow/hand ROM
-Passive external rotation to 35-40 degrees in 90 degrees of abductionj
-Passive flexion to tolerance
-Resistive flexion to 120 degrees with a 1 lb dumbell

-Active assistive abduction to tolerance
-Active elbow/hand ROM
-Passive flexion to tolerance


Which of the following documents indicates the parents or guardians choices of medical facilities for their children>
-Actual consent
-Medical history
-implied consent
-PPE physical

Actual consent


A HS athlete wishes to join the track team as a pole vaulter. Due to the potential risk for catastrophic injury, the athlete is required to purchase additional medical coverage & the athletes guardian will need to sign an assumption of risk wavier per school district policy. Which form of risk reduction is used by the school district?
-records management



During which phase of tissue healing is soft tissue mobilization an indication>



Which of the following cryotherapy methods is MOST appropriate when deep tissue cooling & longer lasting effects are the treatment goals?
-chemical ice pack with insulation secured with a compression wrap 30min
-ice bag application secured with a compression wrap for 20 min
-ice massage for 15 min
-vapo-coolant spray applied3 x's a session for 2 sessions

ice bag application secured with acompression wrap for 20 min


What are the potential adverse effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications?
-gastrointestinal bleeding
-gastric ulcers
-muscle cramping

-gastrointestinal bleeding
-gastric ulcers


Which of the following signs & symptoms could indicate a diagnosis of myocarditis?
-electrolte imbalace
-mild fatigue
--pitting edema

-piiting edema


What are the appropriate procedures to follow when cleaning blood borne pathogens from wrestling mats?
-spray contaminated area with alcohol
-spray contaminated area with 1:10 bleach
-spray area with alcohol and water solution
-place soiled materials in waste receptacle
-place soiled materials in biohazard trash
-clean area with soap and water

-spray contaminated area with 1:10 bleach
-place soiled materials in bio-hazard trash
-clean area with soap & water


Which of the following terms refers to the failure of an athletic trainer to do something that should have been done under normal circumstances?
-breach of contract
-mal practice



Which of the following characterizes amenorrhea?
-increase in bone mass
-loss of menstrual cycle
-painful menstrual period
-normal age of menarche

Loss of menstrual cycle


A 12 y.o. athlete is hit in the chest by a line drive during a baseball game & suddenly collapses. When the athletic trainer reaches the athlete, the athlete is unconscious with breathing & pulse both absent. Which of the following emergency technique is most effective?
-bag valve mask respiration
-rescue breathing
-supplemental O2



How often should an athletic trainer check the status of emergency communication devices such as telephones to access EMS?
-twice a week
- bi weekly



A patient with tricep tendinitis presents with:
No improvement after 3 weeks of symptoms, 3 weeks of treatment of ice and NSAIDS, no discoloration or inflammation, point tenderness just proximal to left olecranon process, lacks elbow active flexion by 10 degrees with a firm end feel. What ultrasound protocol should the A.T. use?
-continuous @ 1MHZ with left elbow in full flexion
-continuous @ 3MHZ with left elbow in full extension
-continuous @ 3MHZ with left elbow in full flexion
-Pulsed @ 1MHZ with left elbow in full extension
-Pulsed @ 3MHZ with left elbow in full flexion

-Coninuous @ 3MHS with left elbow in full flexion