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Which statement BEST represents recommendation for a tennis player suffering from lateral epicondylitis?
-decrease racket grip size & hold tighter
-hold racket less tightly & limit # of backhand strokes
-increase racket grip size & limit # of forehand strokes
-stretch shoulder muscles & decrease grip size
-stretch wrist flexors & strengthen forearm pronators

-hold racket less tightly & limit # of backhand strokes


To prevent the occurence of an ulna collateral lig. sprain in youth bball players: What is the most appropriate strategy? choose all that apply
-develop sound mechanics
-limit pitch count
-throw multiple types of pitches
-throw only curve & breaking pitches
-train year round

-develop sound mechanics
-limit pitch count


Which of the following conditions would MOST likely disqualify an individual from participation in football?
-absence of one eye
-controlled seizure disorder
-hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
-inguinal hernia

-hypertrophic cardiomyopathy


Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: definition

disease of the myocardium(heart muscle) where a portion is hypertrophied (thickened) creating functional impairment


During a PPE exam, a 22 y.o. athlete reports mild fatigue, systematic body aches, dyspnea, pitting edema, & palpations, suspected condition?
-sickle cell edema
-pulmonary embolus
-deep vein thrombosis



Myocarditis: definition

inflammation of heart muscle


Sickle cell edema: definition

complication of sickle cell anemia and hemorrhaging


Pulmonary embolus: definition

sudden blockage in a lung artery


Deep vein thrombosis: definition

blood clot(thrombos) forms in deep lying veins especially in the legs and is a hazard of long flights


When disinfecting contaminated surfaces what is the OSHA recommended bleach solution?

1:10 bleach solution


OSHA mandates that disinfecting agents approved for management of Hepatitis B should be left on contaminated surfaces for ___min?

10 minutes


Which of the following design techniques protects against electric shock in hydrotherapy areas?
-electrical outlets should be located 18" above all floors
-electrical outlets for whirlpools should be connected to ground fault interrupters
-electrical outlets should be limited to 3 devices plugged in & operating 1 @ a time
-electrical on-off switches should be located w/ in 6" of whirlpools

-Electrical outlets for whirlpools should be connected to ground fault interrupters


What organization is directly responsible for establishing & enforcing the guidelines used in infectious disease prevention & workplace safety?
-Dept. of Health & Human Service
-National operating committee & safety of Athletic equipment



What is the minimum amount of time in mins, that should pass after the last sound of thunder or lightening strike before resuming play?



Bradycardia that develops secondary to regular aerobic exercise is the result of what specific physiologic adaption?
- decrease respiratory rate
-decrease stroke volume
-increase heart rate
-increase respiratory rate
-increase stroke volume

increase stroke volume


Which of the following supplements are MOST appropriate to prevent decrease bone mineralization in a female athlete?
-calcium & niacin
-calcium & vitamin D
-niacin & vitamin C
-vitamin C & E
-vitamin D & E

calcium and vitamin D


Which of the following is a possible physical finding in a blow-out fracture? choose all that apply
-halo effect



Which statement BEST describes Raynaud's phenomenon?
-cold exposure causes vasospasm in major veins of hands
-cold exposure causes vasospasm of digital arteries
-cold exposure casues vasodilation of digital arteries
-heat exposure causes vasodilation of digital arteries

cold exposure causes vasospasm of digital arteries


What are the MOST likely causes of tarsal tunnel syndrome?
-extensor hallucis longus trauma
-flexor hallucis longus trauma
-fx of the calcaneous
-fx of the distal fibula
-fx of distal tibia
-lateral ankle sprain
-medial ankle sprain

-flexor hallucis longus trauma
--fx of calcaneous
-fx of distal tibia
-medial ankle sprain


30 min post game, a wide reciever reports to the A.T. complains of left shoulder pain & nausea with rigidity & rebound tenderness in upper left quadrant. Pt reports falling on his elbow & left side. Suspected condition?
-liver injury
-appendix injury
-fib fracture
-spleen injury
-descending aorta

spleen injury


MOST common site of achilles tendon rupture?
-@ the musculotendinous junction
-@ the proximal attachment of the tendon
-1 to 2" proximal to the distal attachment of the tendon
-parallel to the fibers of the tendon

1 to 2" proximal to the distal attachment of the tendon


Which of the following are S&S of a diabetic Pt experiencing HYPERglycemia?choose all that apply
-blood glucose of 106 mg/dl
-blood glucose of 210 mg/dl
-cool & moist skin
-evidence of ketones in urine
-excessive thirst
-frequent urination

-blood glucose of 210 mg/dl
-evidence of ketones in urine
-excessive thirst
-frequent urination


Amenorrhea is classified as?
-absense of menstrual cycle
-irregular menstrual cycle
-presence of 4 to fewer menstrual cycles per year
-presence of @ least 9 menstrual cycles per year

Absence of a menstrual cycle


Which landmark lies between the lateral malleolus an the extensor digitorum brevis muscle on the dorsal aspect of the foot?
-cubital fossa
-peroneal tubercle
-navicular tubercle
-sinus tarsi
-sustentaculum tali

sinus tarsi


When performin palpation of the shoulder, what joint is located immediately lateral to the suprasternal notch?
-acromio clavicular



What structure(s) with in the Guyon's canal can become compressed?
-radial artery
-ulnar artery
-median nerve
-radial nerve
-ulnar nerve

ulnar artery
ulnar nerve


Upon palpation of an athlete's dorsal radius approximate 1.5" proximal to the radiocarpal joint space, the athletic trainer notes crepitus & displacement. The A.T. should suspect which condition?
-bennett's fracture
-boxer's fracture
-colles fracture
-jones fracture

Colles Fracture


Bennett's Fracture:definition

dislocation is an intra-articular fracture of the base of the first metacarpal which leads to dislocation of the first carpometacarpal joint


Colles Fractures: definition

a fracture of the lower end of the radius in the wrist with a characteristic backward displacement of the hand


Jones Fracture: definition

fracture in the meta-diaphyseal junction of the fifth metatarsal of the foot


Which of the following conditions is BEST evaluated using Phalen's test?
-carpal tunnel
-collateral lig. tear or sprain
-dislocated lunate
-injury to the TFC complex
-rupture of the flexor digitorum profundus

-Carpal tunnel


Which of the following movements assess the C5 myotome?
-shoulder abduction & elbow flexion
-shoulder abduction & wrist extension
-shoulder adduction & elbow extension
-shoulder adduction & finger adduction
-shoulder adduction & wrist flexion

shoulder abduction and elbow flexion


Following a head injury, an athlete shows an inability to smile, frown, or wrinkle his forehead. This indicates injury to which cranial nerve?
-cranial nerve I (olfactory)
-cranial nerve IV (trochlear)
-cranial nerve V (trigeminal)
-cranial nerve VII (facial)
-cranial nerve X (vagus)

Cranial Nerve VII (facial)


Athlete seeking 2nd opinion wants his medical records to be sent to his new physician. What is the appropriate procedure to ensure privacy/confidentiality?
-Pt must sign authorization release of medical info.
-Pt must sign informed consent
-Pt must present insurance info.
-Pt must fill out new Pt info. sheet
-Pt must complete insurance referral request form

Pt must sign authorization release of medical info.


Athlete reports to A.T. facility after knee-on-knee collision. A.t. notes pain on lateral aspect of the knee superior to the fibular head & experiencing pain & numbness down the anterior lower leg & into the dorsum of the foot, suspected condition?
-anterior compartment syndrome
-lateral collateral lig. sprain
-peroneus longus strain
-peroneal nerve contusion
-tibialis posterior nerve contusion

peroneal nerve contusion


Most common MOI for gamekeepers thumb?
-forceful abduction of first DIP joint
-forceful abduction of first MCP joint
-forceful adduction of first MCP joint
-forceful abduction of first IP joint
-forceful adduction of first IP joint

forceful abduction of first MCP joint


If the patient is experiencing diplopia, what cranial nerve is affected?
-cranial nerve II (optic)
-cranial nerve III (oculomotor)
-cranial nerve IV (trochlear)
-cranial nerve V (trigeminal)
-cranial nerve VI (abducens)

cranial nerve II (optic)


Athlete is scene by a physician who confirms an athlete who confirms an asthma diagnosis & prescribes medication. When the athletic trainer meets w/ the athlete what recommendations should be given for management? choose all that apply.
-encourage the athlete to bring a rescue metered dose inhaler to all athletic activity
-encourage the athlete to receive an annual chest xray
-encourage the athlete to receive an annual EKG testing
-encourage the athlete to discontinue all athletic activities
-encourage the athlete to monitor he bp
-Instruct the athlete on proper use of metered-dose inhaler

-encourage athlete to bring a rescue metered does inhaler to all athletic activity
-instruct the athlete on proper use of metered dose inhaler


Which of the following conditions should be treated during the primary survey providing emergency care to an athlete? choose only one
-airway obstruction
-bleeding from a wound

airway obstruction


During a full contact practice, a football player remains supine following a collision. Which of the following steps should the athletic trainer take FIRST when completing an on-field evaluation?
-assess level of circulation
-establish or maintain an open airway
-look,listen, feel for signs of breathing
-stabilize c-spine determine LOC

stabilize c-spine and determine level of consciousness


An athlete with type I diabetes feels lightheaded & dizzy. Which of the following is BEST to give him in order to prevent diabetic shock?
-protein shake
-glass of apple juice
-glass of diet soda
-saltine crackers

glass of apple juice


During football practice, a linebacker suddenly collapses & is unconscious. As the responding A.T., what INITIAL action should be taken.
-activate EMS
-administer oxygen
-apply AED
-begin CPR
-place athlete on spine board

activate EMS


A lax player comes to the sideline complaining of chest pain, discomfort, & difficulty breathing. Observation reveals dyspnea & asymmetrical chest movement. The athlete denies any history of injury suspected condition?
-spontaneous pneumothorax
-rib fracture

-spontaneous pneumothorax


The inferior surface of the talus articulates w/ which bones?



Which of the following conditions is characterized by asymmetrical enlargement of the left ventrical wall?
-commotio cordis
-congestive heart failure
-congestive heart failure
-dilated cardiomyopathy
-hyper trophic cardiomyopathy
-restrictive cardiomyopathy

hypertrophic cardiomyopathy


Which of the following s&s could be present if the A.T. suspected a mandibular fracture in an athlete? choose all that apply
-loss of normal occlusion of teeth
-observable displacement of mandible laterally
-blood around teeth
-pain when biting down
-click sound as mouth is opened & closed
-inability to swallow

-loss of normal occlusion of teeth
-blood around teeth
-pain when biting down


A patient receives a prescription that states "take 400-800 mg t.i.d to q.i.d and p.c" what is the correct explanation?
-400-800 mg 3 x's a day as needed after meals
-400-800 mg 3 to 4X's a day and after meals
-400-800 mg 3 to 4x's a day & @ bedtime
-400-800 mg 2x's a day as needed before meals
-400-800 mg 2 to 3x's a day & at bedtime

400 to 800 milligrams 3 to 4 x's a day and after meals


A field hockey player has sustained a mallet deformity in her 5th finger with no associated fractures. MOST appropriate splinting position for this injury?
-DIP extension
-PIP extension
-PIP flexion
-DIP flexion with PIP extension
-DIP flexion with PIP flexion

DIP extension


What statement BEST reflects the proper emergency care for a thermal burn?
-apply aloe lotion to area
-cover affected area with a sterile dressing
-remove affected area from heat source
-rub affected area with salve
-submerge affected area in ice cold water bath

remove affected area from heat source


During a field hockey game, an athlete recieves a blow to the orbit of her left eye. Upon evaluation the AT observes profuse bleeding around the eye & point tenderness. The athlete reports diplopia & and inability to move her eye which appears displaced downward. Tx?
-apply antibiotic ointment to wounds, pack eye in gauze, refer to E.R.
-apply wound closure strips to wound & refer to team physician
-cover eye with gauze, apply ice refer to the E.R.
-pack eye in ice & gauze & refer to optometrist
-treat wound as needed & continue to monitor the athlete for concussive symptoms

cover eye with gauze, apply ice, refer to the ER


During an away game, a 17 y.o. athlete sustains a possible rib fracture & is having difficulty breathing. What doc should be presented to the EMS personnel/emergency room personnel?
-current medical record
-insurance card copy
-parental consent form
-release of medical info. form

perental consent form


An athlete presents with an acute severe muscle spasm. Which of the following modalities should the A.T. use FIRST to treat condition?
-pulsed ultrasound
-ice pack
-warm whirl pool

ice pack


A patient who is post hip replacement surgery complains muscle stiffness. Which modalities would be BEST to use to heat tissues prior to stretching?
-continuous ultrasound
-friction massage
-moist hot pack

moist hot pack


What type of electrical current is recommended to BEST prevent muscle atrophy?
-interferential current
-micro current
-russian current
-sensory-level high volt pulsed current

Russian current


Athlete diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis. As part of the athlete's treatment plan, the A.T. has decided to apply a counterforce brace. Which of the following options is CORRECT placement of counterforce brace?
-@ mid forearm
-directly on lateral epicondyle
-just distal to lateral epicondyle
-on the pronator teres
-proximal to the lateral epicondyle

-Just distal to lateral epicondyle


Athlete recently sustained a subluxated patella. She has been cleared by her physician to return to play with a brace. Most beneficial type?
-custom made functional knee brace
-double hinged rigid knee brace
-neoprene sleeve with a medial hinge
-neoprene sleeve with a patella centralizing brace
-prophylactic lateral-hinged knee brace

neoprene sleeve with a patella centralizing brace


When applying a closed basket weave taping procedure to a patient with an inversion ankle sprain, the stirrup strips should be applied in which direction?
-lateral to medial
-medial to lateral
-anterior to posterior
-posterior to anterior

lateral to medial


Most appropriate medication treatment for herpes simplex?



What is the primary mechanism of action used by NSAIDS to decrease inflammation?
-decrease acetylsalicylic acid production
-decrease prostaglandin production
-decrease sensitivity of chemoreceptors
-decrease leukotriene production
-decrease histamine production

decrease prostaglandin production


prostaglandin: definition

any group of cyclic fatty acid compounds with varying hormonelike effects


Acetylsalicylic acid definition

chemical name for aspirin


Reye's syndrome is associated with use of which medication?



Athlete reports feeling irritable & fatigued on a regular basis. AT notices athlete stays after practice to run extra sprints & spends extra time in the weight room. Athlete has presented with multiple overuse injuries during the last 2 months & performance has decreased. suspected condition?
-anorexia nervosa
-obsessive compulsive disorder
-over training syndrome
-seasonal affective disorder

over training syndrome


Which organ can be enlarged or painful as a result of mononucleosis?



When explaining isometric exercises to the parents of an athlete how should the A.T. respond

isometric exercises are where the muscle generates a force but no joint movement is involved


Section C of the budget (taping table, ultrasound, whirlpool) includes which type of expenditures?
-line item



which of the following budgeting methods requires justification only for expenditures that exceed the previous budget period?
-line-item budget
-open justified model
-spending ceiling model
-spending reduction model
-zero-based budget

spending ceiling model


what document would an athlete complete to voluntarily surrender his right to sue the university for damages in the event of an injury?
-informed consent
-HIPPA release
-Medical release



Which sampling procedure gives every individual in a specific population an equal chance to be selected as a subject in a study?
-cohort group



The abbreviation PRN is used for..
-as needed
-every morning
-per nurses orders
-@ night time

as needed


Which term describes when an individual, through expressed or implied agreement, accepts that some risk or danger will be involved in an activity?
-sovereign immunity
-good samaritan law
-assumption of risk

assumption of risk


How is the output of a therapuetic ultrasound generator measured?
-accoustic impedance
-beam non-uniformity ratio
-duty cycle
-effective radiating area

duty cycle


What type of tort could result if the athletic trainer does not obtain medical history & the athlete is harmed by lack of action?
-gross negligence



In what position should an athlete's lower extremity be placed when applying a hip spica wrap for an adductor strain? choose all that apply
-hip extension
-hip flexion
-hip internal rotation
-hip external rotation
-slight knee flexion
-full knee flexion
-knee extension

hip extension
hip internal rotation
slight knee flexion


Which of the following equipment grouping is essential in the event of a medical emergency @ a hs football game where EMS is 30 min?
-Cellular phone
-spine board
-sport chair
-2 way radio

Cellular phone
Spine board


Which of the following are contraindications for the application of spinal traction?choose all that apply
-facet joint hypermobility
-paraspinal muscle strain
spinal lig. contracture

Facet joint hypermobility


When working in the industrial setting, which instructions should be given to an individual who lifts heavy boxes?
-"Brace abdominal muscles & twist @ your hips &low bakc"
-"Brace abdominal muscles,bend forward slightly, uses arms to lift the object"
-"Squat with your weight on your toes, use hams&quads to lift object"
-"brace abdominal muscles keep neutral spine,&use hip & knee extensors to lift object"

Brace abdominal muscles, keep neutral spine, & use hip & knee extensors to lift object


Which of the following is a co-morbidity related to disordered eating that has been shown to cause sudden death?
-electrolyte abnormalities

electrolyte abnormalities


Based on the evaluation of the athlete & the noted deficits, which of the following muscles need to be targeted in a strengthening program?choose all that apply
-adductor pollicus brevis
-extensor carpi radialisbrevis
-extensor carpi radialis longus
-flexor carpi radialis
flexor carpi ulnaris
-flexor pollicus longus

extensor carpi radialis brevis
extensor carpi radialis longus
flexor carpi radialis