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Feudal System

Broadly defined, it was a way of structuring society around a relationship derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labour.


Popular Recreation

The sport and pastimes of people in pre-industrial Britain.


Foot Racing

A form of competitive running/walking in the 17C/18C involving feats of endurance. As time progressed, it evolved into pedestrianism/race walking.



A member of the gentry who looked after a lower-class performer, e.g. by arranging competitions for them to participate in, putting up prize money and generally looking after the welfare of the performer.


Dr William Penny Brookes

The founder of the Wenlock Olympian Games in 1850.


Rational Recreation

In the 19C, these were sports pastimes for the lower classes which were designed by the middle classes to be well ordered, organised and controlled. Involves the post industrial development of sport. It was characterised by a number of features including respectability, regularity, strict administration and codification.


Industrial Revolution

Deemed to have occurred during the mid 18C to he mid 19C. This period marked a change in Britain from feudal, rural society into an industrialised, machine-based, capitalist society, controlled by a powerful urban middle class.


Industrial Patronage

Factory teams were set up by factory owners as a way of decreasing absenteeism and encouraging loyalty in the workforce.



Large numbers of people migrating/moving from rural areas into towns and cities,seeking regular work in the factories.



The gradual organisation and defining of the rules (e.g. for the actual playing of a sport, as well as the conduct and behaviour of participants).



Kind, generous, middle-class individuals who had a social conscience and were keen to try to provide a better life among the working class.


Public Provision

Local council provision of facilities (e.g. sport/Recreation) for the masses to participate.