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How many Automatic Cabin Pressure Controllers are there?



How many motors can drive the Outflow Valve?

- 3
- 2 x CPC & 1 x manual cabin pressure control (overhead panel)


What causes a safety valve to operate?

> 8.6 PSI or < -1 PSI


What is the OFV position with the AC on the ground?

Fully open.

(Note: Before takeoff and 55secs after landing, the outflow valve fully opens to ensure that there is no residual cabin pressure. At touch down, any remaining cabin pressure is released at a cabin v/s of 500’/min.)


During climb, cabin ROC is a function of what?

Aircraft’s actual ROC.


What is the (approx.) Max RoD of the cabin in AUTO?



What happens to the OFV after touchdown?

- At touch down, any remaining cabin pressure is released at a cabin v/s of 500’/min.
- 55sec after landing, valve fully opens.


If the MAN V/S CTL is moved UP, what happens to the Press Diff, Cabin V/S, Cabin Alt, and OFV?

- Pressure Difference: decreases
- Cabin Vertical Speed: increases
- Cabin Altitude: USUALLY increases - BUT dependent on where you are when you do it
- OFV: selecting UP moves the valve towards the open position.


What does the Ditching switch do?

Closes the OFV, emergency ram air valve. Inlet, avionics ventilation inlet and extract valves, pack flow control valves.

Essentially, every hole below the floatation line + the outflow valve.


When is cabin v/s displayed on the doors SD?

Phases 5-7 (lift off until touchdown)