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Aim of Mair & May

Investigate the experiences of offenders on probation orders in cross section offices in England and Wales


Method of Mair & May

A survey using questionnaire


Particpants of Mair & May

- 3299 offenders
- Random from 22 probation offices across England & Wales
- Representative across crimes and age groups


Procedure of Mair & May

- Interviews conducted by independently employed researchers
- Covered vast range of questions about offenders lives and likelihood of re offending
- many likert scale response
- Otherwise closed


Results of Mair & May

- 88% felt probation was extremely useful
- 60% felt probation offices would help them sort out problems and was there to talk to
- 37% felt it would stop them offending all together


Conclusions of Mair & May

- Probation is seen in positive light by offenders
- However percentage who failed to keep up with appointment ties are therefore excluded from the analysis, may have more negative views