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.02A. Officers making arrests for any offense, except the issuance of traffic citations, but includes outstanding warrant;

shall debrief the arrested person.


.02B. Debriefings shall be completed during the time between the;

arrest and the magistration of the prisoners.


.02C. Officers will not promise arrested persons anything for;

providing information during a debriefing.


.03A. The purpose of a debriefing is to gather as much information as possible about;

criminal activity and use the information in criminal investigations.


.03B. Arrested persons are debriefed because they are likely to know about other;

persons engaged in criminal activities and are more willing to offer information after their arrest.


.04A. SAPD Form #3-A, Debriefing of Prisoners, is used to record all information;

gathered during a debriefing.


.04B. The officer with report responsibility shall ensure that a debriefing form is completed on;

each arrested person.


.04C. When an arrested person provides information that the officer believes should be;

acted upon immediately, the officer proceeds in accordance with Section .08 of this procedure.


.05A. Completed debriefing forms, shall be turned in, even if the arrested person does not provide any information, by the;

end of the officer’s tour of duty.


.05B. Who will review the debriefing form for any pertinent information and route the debriefing form to the San Antonio Regional Intelligence Center (SARIC)?

The Service Area Crime Analyst


.06A. Who forwards a copy of the debriefing form to the appropriate follow-up unit, and when a supplemental report, regarding the debriefing form, is received from the follow-up unit, then records the information provided into a database?

The San Antonio Regional Intelligence Center, SARIC.


.06B.Who will be responsible for assigning debriefing forms to unit personnel?

A supervisor from each follow-up unit


.06B. Who will investigate information provided in the debriefing forms?

Unit personnel assigned the debriefing forms.


.06B. Follow-up unit personnel will route a supplemental report to SARIC detailing;

what steps were taken to investigate the information and the results achieved (i.e., persons arrested, property recovered, etc.).


.07A. When follow-up unit personnel make an arrest, they shall complete a;

debriefing form on the arrested person and route the original form to the SARIC.


.07B. If the follow-up unit, making the arrest, will be investigating the information contained on the debriefing form, the;

follow-up unit arresting officer will notify the SARIC, and provide the follow-up unit supervisor, with a copy of the debriefing form.


.08A. When officers are debriefing prisoners, they may obtain information, which in the officers’ opinions, might require;

immediate attention, (i.e., information about a crime that will occur in the near future, a wanted person, stolen property or contraband that is about to leave the city, etc.).


.08A.When this occurs, the debriefing officer shall contact the;

appropriate follow-up unit or Night CID Unit and give them the information immediately.


.08B. When there are no follow-up unit or Night CID Unit personnel available, the officer shall notify his;

immediate supervisor and route a copy of the debriefing form to the appropriate follow-up unit.

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