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.01A. This procedure establishes guidelines for allowing complainants or victims of certain crimes to be notified of the;

release from custody of adult persons arrested for allegedly committing those crimes.


.03. The following type of crimes shall be applicable to the VINE Program:

A. resulting in death or s.b.i.;
B. death, s.b.i. or future retaliation threatened;
C. Domestic Violence;
D. Sexual Assault;
E. Stalking.


.04A. Any officer assigned primary report responsibility for any crime listed where an arrest is made shall;

notify the complainant or victim of the existence of the VINE Program.


.04B. Any officer assigned follow-up responsibility for filing an {At Large} charge for any crime listed shall contact the;

complainant / victim to obtain information to complete the VINE Pamphlet.


.04C. An explanation of the Vine Program is available in the pamphlet titled, Victim Information and Notification Everyday, available in both English and Spanish. All complainants or victims of crimes listed;

will be given a copy of the VINE Pamphlet.


.04D. Complainants or victims who refuse to participate in the VINE Program are advised that they may enter the VINE Program at any time by;

contacting the Victims Advocacy Office of the Department.


.05A. Officers shall complete the below information of the VINE Pamphlet titled, Your Case Information:

1. Arresting agency;
2. Case Number;
3. Officer's name;
4. Defendant's name; and
5. VINE Pin by {C}, victim, or officer.


.05B. After completing the VINE Pamphlet where an arrest is made, officers give a pamphlet to;

each complainant /victim;


.05B. If multiple arrests are made, the officer completes a pamphlet for;

each arrested person and the multiple pamphlets are given to the complainant /victim;


.05B. If multiple complainants /victims are present, the officer completes a pamphlet for;

each complainant /victim.


.05C. After completing the VINE Pamphlet where an “At Large” charge is filed, the officer will attach the VINE Pamphlet to;

the back of Charge and Disposition form (C and D).


.06A. Officers making an arrest for an offense applicable to this procedure shall complete the necessary information in the;

pre-printed box on the back of the Temporary Record of Arrest, {Booking Slip}.


.06A. The necessary {booking slip} info includes the following:

1. Case number;
2. Notification phone (from complainant /victim);
3. VINE Pin Number
4. If multiple complainants/victims are present, the officer completes the back of a separate booking slip for each complainant/victim and each charge against the arrested person.


.07B. Shall also start the VINE Notification Program process for any complainant /victim who initially refused to participate in the program, but now wishes to be notified when an arrest is made.

The Victims Advocacy Office

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