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Textiles provide us with 4 main things:



Fabrics can be one of 3 things:

-bonded or felted


Colour and design equipments include:

BATIK pots which are hard resistant parts that are used to melt wax for Batik. Tools called tjantings are used to draw on the fabrics with the hot wax.

SCREEN PRINTING-is a method used to apply patterns to a fabric. A screen with a special mesh is placed over fabric. I told called a squeegee is then used to push the pigment through the mesh onto the fabric.


Pressing equipment includes:

IRONS-used for pressing garments and for finishing them (getting rid or creating creases)

HEAT PRESS- a machine used to transfer printed designs from specialist paper onto fabrics. It can also be used to pleat fabrics and create special effects.


The 4 different sewing machines include:

STANDARD- joint fabrics in simple embroidery. Has limiting features
EMBROIDERY- similar to standard machine but with additional features. Can create lots of decorative features.
COMPUTERISED-advanced sewing machine with many features. Controlled by computer interface. Can produce designs that are digitalised and sent to the computer.
OVERLOCKER-specialised for jointing and finishing fabrics. Gives a professional finish. Can be used for adding decorative edging to fabrics.


Non-machine based equipment include: (5)

-dressmaking mannequins.
-pinking shears
-tape measure
-embroidery frames


What's the purpose of research?

Collecting and collating information (gathering together) information
-analysing and reporting the findings


Research helps identify:

1) factors that affect consumer choice e.g cost, quality, style etc
2)consumer preferences within different target markets.


What is primary research?

Involved gathering information yourself.
-shoes and exhibitions
-focus groups
-questionnaires and surveys.


What is secondary research?

Relies on information that has been collected by other people.
-market reports


What are examples we can get inspiration from?

Exhibitions, fairs, shows, cinema, films, travel, architecture, nature, art


What does product analysis involve?

Disassembling an existing product to identify its key features.


What's 'intelligence gathering'?

The process of gathering lots of detailed information about their target market.


Research can be displayed using:

1) ICT - tables, pie charts, line graphs, histograms
2) MOOD BOARDS - with notes to provide a visual summary.


What Are the three types of specification?

-design specification
-product specification
-manufacturing specification


What 2 factors will influence your colour choice?

-type of product (should it catch the eye or be discrete)
-target market (bright and bold colour might be good for younger kids)