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What is Ductility

The ability to be stretched without breaking. Most metals will become more ductile when heated. Copper can be strecthed


What is colour

The natural colour and aesthetic qualities (Gold d being yellow is attractive).


What is conductivity

The ability to conduct heat or electrical energy (Copper, Aluminum and Gold are good electrical conductors).


What is strength

The ability to be able to withstand tension, compression, shear, torsion and bending (Aluminium alloys have very good strength for their weight).


What is durability

Resistance to weathering ( water, wind, frosts) corrosion, sunlight (Stainless Steel is very durable)


What is hardness

Resistance to wear, scratching and indention (Cast Iron is very hard).


What is elasticity

The ability to be stretched or bent but still can return to it's original shape (like elastic bands)


What is toughness

Resistance to breaking through, bending or impcat (Cast Iron and High Carbon steel are not tough)


What is Malleability

The ability to be pressed, spread and hammered into shapes (Copper and Lead are malleable).


What is workability

The ability to be easily cut, drilled, joined, formed and finished.