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When property belonging to a person in custody is held for safety reasons or seized to prevent escape or injury, does cash and/or medication go on the TPS 400?

- Cash goes in separate bag and a TPS406 is done
- Meds of each type go in separate bags and a TPS470 is done for each type of meds


IF the person had alcohol or large items when arrested and they are not evidence do they follow them to court?

No they go to PEMU.


When returnable property is removed from a person in custody and will not accompany the person shall
 make arrangements to have the property released to a relative/agent as soon as possible
 where the returnable property is not released to a relative/agent shall:

 complete the applicable Property Report, TPS 405 and TPS 470
 serve a copy of the TPS 405 and TPS 407 on the prisoner
 submit the property and completed reports to the officer in charge or designated supervisory officer prior to the completion of the tour of duty
 deposit the property through the DLMS with the
applicable Property Report, TPS 407 and TPS 405 for pickup by the PEMU
 add supplementary information to the original eReport


When the person in custody is transferred to court, a correctional facility or medical facility the booking officer shall ensure any prescribed medication and the TPS 470 accompanies the prisoner. What happens with the original TPS470?

When the person is transferred from police custody, the original TPS 470 shall be forwarded to the unit where the ARREST OCCURRED.